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Welcome back, 'Scapers, to a new year of adventure! This year, RuneScape turns 20, and you can find out how we plan to celebrate in the Game News tab. Meanwhile, we've got the first Patch Notes of 2021, and the Community Tab is back with some fabulous fan art. Fireworks at the ready.. rs3 gold

We're kicking things off with a bang this January with the first of many updates to celebrate RuneScape's 20th Anniversary: The Grand Party! Read on to find out how you can join in the fun, hang out with the J-Mods, and get yourself some swanky new clothes to party in.

RuneScape Turns 20!

It's hard to believe, but this little game of ours is 20 years old, and we're throwing a massive birthday party to celebrate!

We're not just celebrating our game - we're celebrating all of you. Without our wonderful 'Scapers, there'd be no RuneScape at all. Your passion, dedication, and community spirit are what have held us together all these years - so give yourselves a round of applause and have a big ol' slice of birthday cake on us.

The celebration kicks off with a month-long Grand Party, to be held in Lumbridge Crater - but the fun doesn't end there. Keep your eyes peeled for the prologue to a multi-part, year-long 20th Anniversary Quest series later this month.

Now... I believe you were promised cake?

The Grand Party

Come one, come all, to The Grand Party! Make your way to Lumbridge Crater (you know, the gigantic hole behind Lumbridge Castle) to celebrate RuneScape's 20th birthday in style with your fellow fans. Over the month ahead, we'll be celebrating different aspects of the game by offering buffs and rewards, as well as a juicy 10% XP bonus while in the Crater.

Got nothing to wear? Don't panic - the Wise Old Man has been putting some of that bank robbery money to good use with some fancy duds: have a word with him at the crater to claim your exclusive 20th Anniversary Outfit and Cape.

Then we're ready to party! This month-long extravaganza will feature weekly events, each celebrating a different aspect of the wonderful world of RuneScape, featuring incredible bonuses.

This first week is the Celebration of Quests, where you can take part in three miniquests featuring iconic characters from the RuneScape roster. Head to the crater to have a go to earn some special prizes like the new 20th anniversary cake, XP lamps and more!

While you're there, be sure to catch up on some skilling - you'll get a not-too-shabby 10% XP buff while you're training in the crater.

Well, what are you waiting for?

Join the Anniversary Celebrations Today!

What, you didn’t expect the J-Mods to sit back and watch you lot have all the fun, did you? We’re hosting an Anniversary Hour so we can all party together on RuneScape’s big day!

Where: Worlds 1 and 16

When: 17:00 Game Time
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At the end of last week a small number of game worlds crashed on a few occasions. Upon investigation we've concluded that these crashes were caused by a small group of players who manipulated game content behaviour with the malicious intent to dupe items and wealth. After an extensive review, we're confident the event hasn't impacted the game economy. It is regrettable that this occurred and we're doing our utmost to buy rs3 gold and prevent it from happening again. Action has been taken against the accounts involved, we’ve blocked the method used, and we’re actively investigating further fixes to prevent similar occurrences.

Some of these necessary fixes have led to other, legitimate in-game activities being adversely affected, including, but not limited to:

Level 3 combat Fight Cave completions
The tightrope skip in Chambers of Xeric Challenge Mode
Certain techniques used in Barbarian Assault for the purpose of speed run completions

We are exploring our options for trying to replicate old behaviour where possible, though there may be certain methods we cannot replicate again. We thank you for your understanding, and we appreciate that the impact this has on legitimate activities is frustrating for many of you, but we have to prioritise the health of the game in these instances. We'll continue to update you as and when we have more news to share.

The Ninjas teamed up with Mods Ryan and Iago, and Death is now ready to award boss loot collectors who go the extra mile with a shiny new title. Completing all boss collection logs will now earn you a prestigious golden variant of 'the Reaper' title. Nice!

Upon logging in after this update, you'll receive a mysterious invitation. An invitation to what, you ask? Why, to RuneScape's 20th Anniversary Party!That's right, we've had this show on the road for 20 whole years. From the good old days of baking cakes for the Duke of Lumbridge, to facing the Elder Gods themselves, you've stuck with us through thick and thin - and since we couldn't do any of this without the support of our wonderful community, it's only fair that we invite you along to our Grand Party!
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Before we get into this week’s changes, we have a small apology to make. In last week’s update, we resolved an issue where a task for completing 200 Slayer tasks wasn’t showing as complete, even though players were receiving the points. runescape gold

This issue was caused by having two of the same task in the Task List – the one that players were completing had been unintentionally carried over from the Twisted League, and was therefore not set to display in the Trailblazer interface – so the correct task still appeared incomplete. To fix it, we simply removed the Twisted League version of the task.

Unfortunately, this meant that any players who’d already completed the task in question now had an extra 250 League Points, as they’d technically completed two tasks instead of one. Around 500 players have been affected by this issue.

We’ve deliberated and decided that the fairest way to resolve this problem is to give everyone who hasn’t yet completed the Slayer task 250 bonus League Points. Upon logging into a League world and opening the Task List, all eligible players will see a new task appear as complete and will be granted the extra points.

It will of course still be possible to complete the correct task after doing this, which will grant the intended 250 points in addition to the 250 bonus ones.

Phew! Now that’s out of the way, here’s a couple more changes we’ve made this week:

Mining gems will now give the correct experience rates when Endless Harvest has been chosen.
Last Recall will no longer save your location in the underwater mogre camp, to stop you from returning without the proper equipment.

Just in case you missed it, here's a reminder: Leagues II - Trailblazer ends on January 6th! Wrap up those tasks! Earn those last few points! Go, go, go

The end of Leagues II - Trailblazer is fast approaching, so it’s a great time to check out the rankings and take stock of how well you’re doing. Are you headed straight for a Dragon Trophy, or are you languishing back in Bronze? Check the table below to find out!

Dragon - 45,210
Rune - 30,450
Adamant - 17,590
Mithril - 6,440
Steel - 2,120
Iron - 540
Bronze - 100
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Alchemy is one of WoW Classic's most popular professions because you can earn benefits from things it created, like Elixirs, Flasks, and Potions, these can provide powerful buffs for you. They’re good for giving your low-level character a slight edge while leveling, and also become fairly important when you run through dungeons and raids.
This WoW Classic Alchemy Guide will cover the aspects of Alchemy, so let's dive into it!

1. WoW Classic Alchemy Trainer Locations

Apprentice and Journeyman Alchemy Trainers are located in major cities; if you don't know where to find them, ask a city guard for help and they will place a red flag with a golden ! on your map.

Alliance Alchemy Trainers

Horde Alchemy Trainers

PS: If you happen to be in Booty Bay, you can find a neutral faction Alchemy trainer named Jaxin Chong, and you can learn Level 50 Alchemy both Horde and Alliance from him.

If you want to locate the right alchemy trainer for your skill level, check this out:

Apprentice (1-75) – You can find the entry-level trainers in any major city, just asking a guard!

Journeyman (75-150) – You can learn Journeyman Alchemy from most trainers in major cities.

Expert (150-225) – You can become an Expert after achieving 125 in Alchemy.

Artisan (225-300) – You can be an Artisan when reaching a 200 skill level in Alchemy.

2. Leveling WoW Classic Alchemy ( 1-300)

So how to level Alchemy from 1 to 300 quickly? To level up your skills, you will need to make orange items in the Alchemy menu, because this will ensure a skill-up of each skill. If you can't make something orange, yellow recipes are OK, because these usually give skill-ups. Green recipes are only worth using when alternatives are scarce or expensive, they rarely provide you with skill points. And you should keep in mind that gray recipes cannot give you any skill point at all.

Now, let’s start with the required materials for leveling to 300:

60x Peacebloom
60x Silverleaf
80x Briarthorn
15x Mageroyal
30x Bruiseweed
40x Stranglekelp
30x Liferoot
30x Kingsblood
45x Goldthorn
5x Wild Steelbloom
70x Sungrass
15x Khadgar's Whisker
20x Arthas' Tears
40x Blindweed
40x Golden Sansam
20x Mountain Silversage

3. Crafting Flasks in WoW Classic

After maxing out your wow classic alchemy skill, you’ll probably want to learn flask crafting because Flasks are powerful buffs that persist through death and last for 2 hours. But unlike other alchemy recipes, you gotta know that there is an added requirement to the creation of flasks.

4. Get to know Elixirs

Unlike Flasks, you lose the effect of Elixirs when you die. However, you may have multiple elixirs up at a time, as long as they don't provide the same effect.

Elixir of the Mongoose - Dropped by Satyrs in Jadefire Run, Felwood. Used by Melee DPS and Hunters to increase their damage.

Elixir of Shadow Power - Sold by Algernon/Maria Lumere for 1. Used by Warlocks and Shadow Priests.

Greater Arcane Elixir - Rare world drop. Used by all caster DPS.

5. About the best Potions

We all know that Classic WoW has some great high-level potions, here are the best 2 in the entire game.

I wish you a pleasant journey in WoW Classic, and don't forget that has the Cheapest wow classic gold !
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In the kingdom of Great Kourend there are five cities, one of which is called Hosidius. This house is led by Lord Kandur Hosidius, their main export focus is on farming/agriculture and cooking, and are the primary suppliers of OSRS gold to the citizens of the kingdom as well as the soldiers of the Shayzien army. Most people in Hosidius worship Saradomin, though a few also worship Zamorak, although as with other human settlements, they are looked down upon. Hosidius requires a large amount of land to grow their crops in, because of the high demand of food in Great Kourend. When the lord of Hosidius met with the other lords of the 4 houses, they came to an agreement to provide half of each of their city’s lands to Hosidius in order to grow more crops. The founder of this city is unknown, but it was created by refugees escaping the conflicts of Dragonkin.

A quick way to reach Hosidius/Hosidius ploughs is to use the Skills necklace teleport to the Woodcutting Guild, and walk east, across the saltpetre area, and walk north-east when reaching the Altar.

Now, as we know. To gain the benefits of a particular house, you’ll have to gain a certain percentage of favour. Unlike the other houses, Hosidius gives you access to a number of things.

· At 15% favour and 25 Thieving , players can steal from the Fruit Stalls near Sand Crabs. They give the best Thieving XP per hour until you unlock Blackjacking.

· At 35% favour, with 83 Farming as well, players can plant a Spirit Tree in the Spirit Patch south of the large Hosidius House Bank.

· At 50% favour, the allotments, flower and most importantly the herb patch east of the Xeric’s Glade Teleport are protected permanently from disease.

· At 60% favour and 45 Farming, players can enter the Farming Guild, unlocking a great deal of Farming patches.

· At 65% favour, players can plant grape seeds in the Vinery.

· At 75% favour and 60 woodcutting , players can enter the Woodcutting Guild, which has every type of tree.

· With complete favour at 100%, players firstly unlock the Tithe Farm at 34 Farming, which provides an alternative way to gain Farming XP, as well as a range of useful rewards.

- Also, at 100% favour, players can cook in the Hosidius kitchen, located east of the estate agent in the Hosidius House. The ovens here give a 5% lower burn rate, which stacks with the effects of the Cooking Gauntlets.

There are quite some ways to gain Hosidius House favour, ploughing fields, making fertiliser, cooking in the mess hall, planting grape seeds or completing quests like The Depths of Despair. The fastest way possible would be, Ploughing fields and making fertilisers to a 100% favour. To get started, you’ll need a hammer and around 950 compost buckets. Grab your hammer and head your way to the farms of Hosidius, here you’ll need to push the plough back and forward until your favour reaches 5%. Once that’s done, you can start making fertilisers, for this you’ll need a compost bucket and saltpetre. Use them on one another to form fertiliser, once you have a good amount of them stored in your bank – make your way southeast and find the clerk, who will take all of the fertilisers out of you bank, converting it into favour. Keep repeating the process till you gain 100%.

A plus point is that, your favour in other Houses no longer decrease when gaining favour in other houses. So, this means that you no longer need to lock in your favour.Well, what are you guys waiting for? Walk into the house of Hosidius, get your 100% favour completed and enjoy the benefits of buy runescape gold !
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One of the best all-round MMO RPGs is still one of yesterday. Old School Runescape offers the perfect blend of grind, combat, nostalgia, and story quests for a complete RPG experience, especially now that more tedious game tasks (and even everything else) can be completed on mobile devices.

5 Misthalin Mystery

This task isn't too cumbersome or almost pays off for many others on this list, but it's still one of the best because it's so fun. This is the perfect job for a new Runescape player as it requires no skill other than the brain and is a great introduction to the out-of-the-box thinking that the game is yours in the future. he will.

The assumption is that you are in a ruined mansion where the mask assassin modeled on the Ghostface character from Scream takes everyone inside. It's a surprising but welcome crossover. You just need to look for clues and then use them to solve the puzzles of the mansion and stop this sadistic killer.

4 Vampire Slayer

This task is brilliant in its simplicity. The problem is as clear as daylight. There is a vampire who must be killed. From there, it is up to the player to collect the materials necessary to complete the task. All you need is a hammer and a stick, of course, but the player can make life a lot easier by bringing garlic or a few other items that have a natural effect on weakening the vampire. It's these little nuances that make the OSRS search system so much fun.

3 The Stronghold Of Security

Okay, I'm going to cheat here, but as we all know, Runescape is about bending the exact rules to make things work, so remember I do. Instead of looking here, I'll spot a dungeon. Especially the Security Fortress. Located near the barbarian village, this dungeon is filled with monsters of different levels and cleaning things up is quite a feat, but only worth it for the high-tier gear and the fact that it's fun to get into work after completing a limited set missions accessible to non-members.

2 Demon Slayer

Okay so this task can be quite tedious and doesn't have amazing rewards, but narratively speaking, it's still a very satisfying adventure and it was one of the first main missions available in the game so it's a classic that shouldn't be overlooked.

The task requires you to collect three keys scattered around the world, and then exchange for a magic sword that can be used to kill the all-powerful demon summoned by evil wizards. Plus, it's a task that I couldn't overcome as a kid, so if you're not doing it for the good of humanity, go and kill this evil monster for me.

1 Dragon Slayer

The original final Runescape mission is still the most daunting task a free player can do. An epic mission requires a lot of preparation from the player as not only is it the hardest for non-members, it's also one of the longest.

After the long collectible part, you will go on the right journey and go to kill the title beast of the quest. Right after killing a series of increasingly difficult minor bosses. Eventually you'll face the dragon and probably die, probably a lot. The task is difficult, but the battles feel big and the rewards for completing them are even greater.

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I sooner or later was equipped towards rewatch the recreation, and I went inside of questioning I be annoyed with a whole lot of the performances, nevertheless inevitably that wasn the situation. Both of those of the San Francisco 49ers offense and protection didn complete, which was the game determining issue. On your own comprise towards present credit score in the direction of Arizona and in particular Kyler Murray. The protection experienced a good deal of what the Cardinals had been hoping towards do included, still Murray legs have been the security. Oneself can change 2 of your 11 3rd-down endeavours or simply just just one of your 4 crimson zone initiatives upon offense. The optimistic information is each individual oversight manufactured was fixable, and I contain a demanding period viewing the Niners generating the exact same faults going in advance.OffenseQuarterback: C-If wee moving in direction of continue to keep Jimmy Garoppolo in the direction of the conventional of an elite participant, that great. That usually means we are shifting in direction of include toward evaluate him as one particular, also. During the initially 50 %, Jimmy seemed which include Jimmy. He neglected one particular toss exactly where by yourself would contain savored in the direction of look at him be added affected individual, yet there wasn a little something egregious. Within the fourth quarter, his interior clock sped up, and Garoppolo commenced toward hurry his reads and pass up open up adult men. listed here are jimmy misses in opposition to the fourth qtr. a person point I seen for the duration of the video game was that pettis was open up pretty a little bit, and youl watch it a number of of moments listed here. hard toward blame garoppolo for not trusting him, nonetheless that gonna contain towards distinction going in advance.technique>good results September 17, 2020Garoppolo accomplished the recreation with 33 efforts, however a few of individuals ended up throwing the ball absent. Of Jimmy 30 “truethrows, 20 of them had been upon aim, which fits up with this tweet:4 of his misses had been at the rear of the recipient, though 4 have been very low misses, and 5 have been higher. Any miss out on higher is usually a issue and frequently a indication of mechanics. As opposed to final period, Garoppolo self-confidence wavered at the time getting a couple of of hits. That may perhaps contain been the greatest difficulty, When it not likely in direction of be an make a difference going in advance.Managing backs: BI notion all a few managing backs performed nicely. They didn do almost everything unbelievable, nevertheless every single participant generated the greatest of their possibilities. Kyle Juszczyk experienced a couple of of blown blocks that problems, still he too experienced a extensive 41-backyard reception and really should include experienced one more lengthy capture past inside the video game. Raheem Mostert compelled 3 forgotten tackles, despite the fact that Tevin Coleman and Jerick McKinnon every single pressured a single. Seeking again at it, McKinnon eliminate experienced a much larger have an effect on than I originally thing to consider. Although he didn contact the ball a whole lot, McKinnon was as well a lot more profitable than I in the beginning concept, way too. RB2? Probably, however Coleman was decisive and ran north and south, which consists of been my greatest gripe with him.Restricted stop: C-George Kittle claimed he was wonderful several periods in the course of the postgame upon Sunday, nonetheless it tough towards believe that his knee didn have an affect on his participate in. Kittle was AWOL inside the minute 50 % because of towards Arizona double-teaming him a positive little bit, however as a blocker, Ie never ever discovered Kittle miss out on as quite a few blocks within just a match as he did upon Sunday, and Ie been viewing him due to the fact Iowa. Kittle finished up with 5 blown blocks upon the working day, which was a personnel-superior. Kittle even authorized a sack, which under no circumstances takes place.Jordan Reed ran a mistaken direction or 2, yet he was high-quality and received breakup below.Offensive line: BPromising. That the easiest path in direction of demonstrate how the offensive line appeared upon Sunday. Of course, Trent Williams is a celeb and bolsters the line. Watch out some of Those blocks:trent williams-choosing up a stunt and tossing a person in the direction of the aspect-committing homicide -preventing his gentleman and manufacturing 85 tumble-mirroring budda baker, which is effectively pure for an OT-not budging upon jones bull hurry-taking jones “flashcirculation versus himwilliams may be alright September 17, 2020We understood that now, whilst. Hroniss Grasu did not search out of vacation spot, nor was he overcome inside go basic safety. Daniel Brunskill overlooked a couple of of blocks towards the work early upon still cleaned factors up as the sport went together. Mike McGlinchey experienced a complicated matchup versus Chandler Jones, still he did a good process of using Jones upfield and enabling Garoppolo toward phase up inside the pocket Laken Tomlinson was Laken Tomlinson versus the move. It wasn fantastic or Quite, yet the line performed properly for it becoming their 1st are living-motion with each other. The starters treated the Cardinalsstress perfectly, which includes all of their stunts upfront. “Plusblocks are your eyebrow-rising “wowstyle of blocks. McGlinchey is discovering towards Williams.Huge receivers: B-I was anticipating the wideouts toward combat. That was not the scenario. As by yourself may well perspective towards the Garoppolo clip higher than, Dante Pettis was open up the vast majority of the fourth quarter. I liked his intake as a foreseeable future deep hazard and outdoors of the figures. Pettis is nonetheless a very little jittery upon routes higher than the centre, still the Niners comprise lots of gamers that can get down below. The similar won't be able to be reported upon the perimeter.It clear that Garoppolo doesn rely on Pettis, and, based mostly upon closing 12 months, can by yourself blame him? It a refreshing yr, When, and at the time your self absence weapons, yourself consist of in the direction of enable your gentlemen in direction of produce performs. If all of a unexpected, we check out Pettis arise as a danger all through 7 days 2, present credit history toward Jimmy for trusting him. Greatest of the neglected chances towards 7 days 1 had been thanks towards Garoppolo last off the sector due to the fact he didn believe in Pettis.I idea Kendrick Bourne was incredibly optimistic, far too. Remaining yr, after the 49ers ran their “returnroutes, Bourne wasn usually effortless out of his breaks. He experienced a wonderful double circulation that wee all recognized towards the close of the recreation, nevertheless Bourne overcome Patrick Peterson a number of of moments upon some down below routes as properly.Trent Taylor struggled the highest out of the a few wideouts that performed a great deal. It much easier for athletic cornerbacks in direction of keep on being with Taylor.DefenseDefensive line: CIf not for Nick Bosa, this quality would comprise rivaled for the worst upon the workers. In this article is a glance at how the defensive line finished: Are yourself successful? That what I require in the direction of check out. That how oneself have an affect on the sport. There was 1 participant who designed a distinction.Bosa is a insane gentleman. He wins consequently instantaneous. September 17, 2020What wel look at transferring ahead, as Arizona did within just the instant 50 percent, is groups are heading in direction of start out chipping Bosa with a restricted finish or sending a operating again his course. Anyone else is transferring toward comprise in direction of occur all through upon the defensive line. That didn come about upon Sunday. Javon Kinlaw and D.J. Jones performed very well within as operate defenders, and Kinlaw even experienced a several great move rushes. Kevin Givens confirmed best hustle and did not overall look out of Area. I believe that the 49ers could possibly contain a potent participant inside Givens if he retains turning out to be options.Dee Ford did not glimpse explosive at all, and Arik Armstead was upon the floor also considerably. Both equally of individuals 2 had been arguably the optimum disappointing gamers upon this aspect of the ball.Linebackers: BFred Warner is a stud. Who understood? He experienced 4 prevents, 3 wins, and confirmed off his smarts inside of insurance plan. Warner aggressiveness is excellent and makes it possible for him toward deliver a lot of performs in close proximity to the line of scrimmage. Dre Greenlaw experienced a pricey penalty, yet he furthermore compelled an interception and was Great in just insurance policy. I principle Kwon Alexander performed superior than I try to remember. He basically ignored 2 tackles, nevertheless he did offer up a touchdown close to the objective line the place he received trapped in just no man land. The moment that, Alexander buckled down and compelled a pair of fumbles.No linebacker ought to comprise toward secure a recipient whilst stressing pertaining to Murray scrambling The linebackers ended up in just a bind a good deal throughout the instant 50 percent, and there wasn significantly they might do.Secondary: C-Emmanuel Moseley gained a large amount of flack, and rightfully therefore. Very last calendar year, Moseley was an competitive tackler Randy Cross Face Mask. He merely disregarded just one cope with past match and experienced 2.5 helps prevent, nonetheless there were being far too innumerable instances wherever he built get in touch with, and the ball provider was in a position toward purchase yards afterward. That can materialize. Moseley was concentrated 14 days, which was 10 additional days than everybody else. He permitted 10 receptions for 92 yards, experienced 5 blown coverages, and gave up 5 initially downs. Moseley didn enjoy very well.Richard Sherman didn, both. Sherman was simply just focused 3 instances, yet he coulde provided up a whole lot of experienced he been centered including Moseley DeAndre Hopkins was spinning Sherman near upon some routes, and even Christian Kirk obtained the suitable of Sherm, who gave up one particular to start with down yet experienced 6 blown coverages and a neglected cope with upon Murray touchdown operate.I consist of thus a great deal recognize for K’Waun Williams and how he fights in the course of blocks and will make performs near the line of scrimmage. He a wolverine. Williams experienced a pair of prevents, one particular in which he ran for the duration of someone block. Williams furthermore experienced that economical preserving make contact with upon that did not have an affect on the enjoy Jermaine Kelly Jr. Jersey, and he moreover gave up a necessary initially down in the direction of Larry Fitzgerald.Jimmie Ward authorized all 4 of his aims toward be accomplished for 35 yards though letting 2 very first downs. Ward furthermore neglected a take care of. He looked in direction of be a stage late this final Sunday. Jaquiski Tartt experienced an interception that landed inside his lap and was strong versus the function, yet it seemed including the blown insurance plan at the finish of the recreation upon Hopkins was upon Tartt. He was the basically participant not shielding somebody although anyone else is inside of gentleman. Following the match, Sherman stated one particular aspect was participating in a person insurance though the other facet was participating in a further, as a result I suspect Tartt didn buy the speak to.

Ken Webster Face Mask
Jeff Wilson Jersey
Wilson John Brodie Face Mask
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The OSRS Recipe for Disaster Defeating the Culinaromancer quest is the last part of the RFD (Recipe for Disaster) subquest series. In this part of the OSRS Recipe for Disaster Defeating the Culinaromancer quest you will be following the events that happened after the end of the previous part. rs3 gold

So now after freeing the last council member, a cut-scene will begin where Gypsy Aris will restart time. The Culinaromancer will teleport away, leaving a portal back to his dimension. Then Gypsy Aris will tell you to go through the portal and finish him once and for all.

The quest requirements for OSRS RFD Defeating the Culinaromancer is to have 175 quest points and the completion of Desert Treasure, Horror from the Deep, and all the other parts of RFD (Recipe for Disaster) subquest series.

Items Needed

Ice gloves
4 Restore potions
Melee or ranged armour gear, and weapon
Good Healing Food
Ranged defensive armour

Recommended Items:

To have your best available wind/water/earth/fire spells
Snare spells if you’re using magic against Flambeed

Starting Point

To start the OSRS RFD Defeating the Culinaromancer quest you must go to Lumbridge Castle, run to the kitchen and from there enter into the dining room and go through the portal. Once you reach the boss room you will need to defeat 6 bosses, but not at once of course.

The boss fights are an instanced so you can’t reclaim your lost items if you die. You cannot use prayers, but the good news is that you can leave and stock up after defeating each boss without losing your place in the fight.
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Pieces from the third Raid Set in WoW Classic are dropped by an array of different bosses in Blackwing Lair, Molten Core, and Onyxia's Lair. Read on to find out how to get the Druid's set with Up to 8% off wow classic gold , the Stormrage Raiment.

WoW Classic: Druid T2 Armor Set Guide (Stormrage Raiment)

The third Raid Set in Wow Classic is known as Tier 2, and often abbreviated to T2. Pieces from this set can be found in Molten Core, Onxyia's Lair, and Blackwing Lair. The Druid's set is known as the Stromrage Raiment and is enhances the power of the Restoration specialisation.

Stormrage Raiment




Stormrage Cover



(Onyxia's Lair)

Stormrage Pauldrons



(Blackwing Lair)

Stormrage Chestguard



(Blackwing Lair)

Stormrage Bracers


Razorgore the Untamed

(Blackwing Lair)

Stormrage Handguards





(Blackwing Lair)

Stormrage Belt


Vaelastrasz the Corrupt

(Blackwing Lair)

Stormrage Legguards



(Molten Core)

Stormrage Boots


Broodlord Lashlayer

(Blackwing Lair)

Set bonus

3 pieces: Allows 15% of your Mana regeneration to continue while casting.
5 pieces: Reduces the casting time of your Regrowth spell by 0.2 sec.
8 pieces: Increases the duration of your Rejuvenation spell by 3 sec
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Welcome to Woxie Rs’s Mahogany Homes guide for Old School RuneScape. Mahogany Homes is a new minigame that is a cheap and still fast way to train your Construction skill. You’ll complete Construction contracts to earn points and xp, then spend the points on the new Plank sack, Saw, Blueprints, and Carpenters Outfit.


Your own house (costs 1k gp from Estate Agent)

First and foremost, you need to own a house that can be bought from any Estate Agent for 1k OSRS gold.

Types of Contract

Beginner – level 1

Novice – level 20

Adept – level 50

Expert – level 70+

You can start at level 1, and it ranges between 1 to level 70, based on the different types of contract you take. To start this minigame, you need to go to the designated Mahogany Home office locations.

South of Falador Park

Northeast of Hosidius (Xeric’s talisman – Glade teleport)

East Ardougne

North Varrock

There are four different locations: one is in the south of Falador Park. The second one is in the northeast of Hosidius, and the easiest way to get here is to use Xeric’s talisman and Glade teleport, then run north. The third one is in East Ardougne, and you can teleport to East Ardougne and run west. The last one is in Varrock, just north of the square.

There are different levels of contracts you can do, ranging from Beginner to Expert:

Points and XP per contract

Beginner – 1 point (500 xp)

Novice – 2 points (1.25k xp)

Adept – 3 points (2.25k xp)

Expert – 4 points (2.75k xp)

Gear & Inventory

Recommended Inventory



Steel bars

Planks (dependent on contract level: Normal/Oak/Teak/Mahogany)

Varrock, Falador, Ardougne, Hosidius teleport

Teleport to Bank

Xeric’s talisman (Glade)

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Maybe you've heard the remarks about the retaliatory Spirit of the Sea attacking sailors unscrupulously? Or maybe you have heard that, as some people believe, this spirit is just the guardian of the ocean, just wanting to resist those who disrespect the ocean and wildlife?

For whatever reason, it is indeed correct to talk about this spirit. This is not only a story, but the work of the Templar Knights of the Sea Spirit. Many things are still unknown, but our research so far suggests that the Holy Spirit may be as old as Gialino itself. Crucially, after sleeping for centuries, it finally woke up.

The Holy Spirit condenses again, causing a strong storm, making crossing its path a difficult task. Therefore, the Spirit Anglers was established to investigate and suppress it to calm the storm and ensure safe passage.

To calm the storm, you need to catch special harpoons and launch them to Tempoross. You need to catch a special harpoon and load it into the harpoon cannon. When loaded, they will continuously launch harpoons at Tempoross, breaking them down and reducing energy.

The energy of Tempoross must be reduced before the storm becomes too violent, otherwise, you need to retreat early. Once exhausted, Tempoross will disperse into the vortex and begin to collect energy. Runescape Gold will help you get useful preparations at any time. This is your chance to permanently remove the spirit fish that was lifted by fishing in the whirlpool bath.

After Tempoross is full of energy, it will merge and attack again. This cycle will repeat until you have removed enough spirit fish and no longer rejuvenate. Silencing the storm is a very challenging task. If you need help in completing the task, you can purchase a certain amount of OSRS Gold and runescape 3 gold from to make you more passionate about completing the task.
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The Bonus Events system in WOW Classic consists of a rotating schedule of different activities, currently scheduled to run each week beginning on Tuesdays. Each Bonus Event grants a passive bonus to a particular game activity and offers a once-per-event quest with a noteworthy reward for accomplishing a related goal. Here is what you can expect this week.

Content of Weekly Bonus Event World Quests

Chronicler Toopa in Boralus or Chronicler Shoopa in Zuldazar has a quest for you—The World Awaits. You can also start the quest from within the Adventure Guide (Shift-J).

Quest requirement: Complete 20 World Quests in Kul Tiras, Zandalar, Mechagon, or Nazjatar

Reward: 1,000 War Resources

Passive buff: +50% to Reputation gains from World Quests

If you’ve been looking to impress some emissaries, this is the week to do it!

World Quests are in-game content that the max level World of Warcraft characters will have the ability to take part in. There are hundreds of different quests that players will be able to complete that will range in length and difficulty. Usually the longer the World Quest is, the more difficult it will be. Therefore, for players with a low level, they have less chance to do well in the event.

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world of warcraft afterlives windmill bannerAs Blizzard Entertainment prepares to release the World of Warcraft Shadowlands expansion, the studio is giving fans something to tide them over with a new Shadowlands-themed animated series called Afterlives. Knowing Blizzard, the new animated shorts will probably introduce major characters and settings in the upcoming expansion similar to the Battle for Azeroth shorts that paved the way for the expansion’s release in 2018.

The series kicks off on Thursday during the digital gamescom 2020 event in Cologne, Germany. Check out the official trailer below.As always, Blizzard has strictly managed the illegal operations in World of Warcraft Classic in order to create a completely fair game environment for users, including the forbidden in-game economy trade.

In a recent forum post, Blizzard has announced the bans of several players citing unfair gameplay in WOW Classic, the affected players received emails with details about the violation and suspension, of which were found to use anti-AFK cheats or bots, especially in Alterac Valley.

This approach demonstrates Blizzard's strong determination to fight unfair gameplay in World of Warcraft Classic, and once again warns all players not to use any third-party program to gain game advantages.

This is not the first time Blizzard has issued a suspension notice to an offending account, but it is clear that it canât completely prevent abnormal operations by some players.

Blizzard stated in the code of conduct of World of Warcraft Classic:

Please be reminded that using third-party programs to automate any facet of the game, exploiting bugs, or engaging in any activity that grants an unfair advantage is considered cheating. Exploiting other players is an equally serious offense. Scamming, account sharing,
win-trading, and anything else that may degrade the gaming experience for other players will receive harsh penalties.
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Believe it or not, the next brand new World of Warcraft expansion is now upon is. Although there’s no specific release date yet, Shadowlands is bound to go live sometime in the fall of 2020. And with the hype building up, we’ve decided to make a guide on how to prepare for Shadowlands, the right way!

1. Get Your Alts Ready

Leveling up your alts prior to the launch of Shadowlands is essential, especially since there’s going to be a major level squish. WoW’s 8th expansion will see the maximum level go down from 120 to 50, so you’d want to have as many toons level capped as possible.

2. Stack up on Gold

When you feel like there’s not much else left for you to do in the current expansion, you can always opt for an activity that never gets old – stacking up on gold. This essential in-game currency will be always needed and the final months prior to a new expansion are the ideal time to start accumulating more of it.

3. Gather Talent-Changing Tomes

Having plenty of talent-changing tomes as you enter into the new content is a great idea, especially considering how these worked in earlier expansions. For instance, in WoD these tomes were useable until 109 lvl, while in Legion you could’ve used them all the way up to level 120.

4. Do Island Expeditions

Island Expeditions are another in-game activity that although still doable, will be harder to complete in Shadowlands. Although Island Expeditions will most likely remain, you can bet that most players will be more focused on leveling up instead when Shadowlands drops.

5. Get the Caravan Brutosaur Mount

Blizzard has already stated that players won’t be able to obtain the awesome Reins of the Mighty Caravan Brutosaur epic mount during the Shadowlands pre-patch. This means that the standard price tag for this mount on the AH of roughly 5 million gold right now, will certainly go up when the expansion drops.

6. Try the Classic Servers

Although this has little to do with Shadowlands, jumping over to Classic WoW servers can actually help to reignite the spark so that you’re more pumped for the coming expansion. WoW Classic is undoubtedly the most genuine and authentic way to experience the game in its early stages.

7. Take a Break from WoW

Although this might sound counter-intuitive to some people, it can actually be very productive as you wait for Shadowlands to go live. Taking some time off makes a lot of sense, especially if you’re fully prepared for Shadowlands by having enough level-capped alts, gold etc.

For example, you can focus on spending some quality time with your friends and family. You shouldn’t neglect your close ones because of a video game and now’s the time to give them the attention they deserve. This may be one of the most important things to consider when thinking about how to Buy classic wow gold and prepare for WoW Shadowlands.
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How do you get lesser magic wand ASAP? How do wands work in classic WoW? Does agility increase Wand damage classic WoW? This article is according to these questions, it aims at helping players to learn the use of WOW Classic wand, and how to get them!

What is the use of wand?

Priest Weapons are one of the most exciting upgrades in the game to Weapons are one of the most exciting upgrades in the game to obtain, both while leveling and raiding. While leveling your Priest you should focus will be on obtaining the highest DPS Wand you can, to assist you on your journey to level 60. Wands provide a large amount of damage while leveling so the more damage your wand does, the faster you will vanquish your foes.

How to get WOW Classic wand and Buy wow classic gold cheap?

The vendors don't sell them (a few do, but not that you can use), they never drop (at low levels), and you haven't seen any as a quest reward (you will, but not for a while). The wand you want is the [Lesser Magic Wand]. This wand is created by characters with the Enchanting profession. These are one of the few items an enchanter can make and sell directly, so you should be able to find them in your auction house. But sometimes it costs more than you can afford because new players don't usually have a handle on how to make money in WoW, so how can you do this? 5 or more silver is a lot of money when you are first starting. You can choose to buy WOW Classic Gold PayPal at, cheap, safe, fast, 24/7!

The best way to secure a low level wand in World of Warcraft Classic is through Enchanting. There are two options here: Become an enchanter (which we recommend for cloth wearers in our Classic Profession guide) or seek out an enchanter. Enchanters are able to craft the lowest level want at Enchanting skill 10 which is very easy to get to. If you go the route of becoming an enchanter yourself, you'll just need to visit a city to pick up the skill and start leveling up. The easiest way to do this is to pair the profession with tailoring, collect a ton of linen, and then make the lowest level green item you can and disenchant it. This will allow players to level up to Enchanting 10 very quickly with pretty much just linen cloth and some thread. At that point, pick up the Simple Wood and craft your first wand!

The vendor wand isn’t usable til lvl 15. At that point you could be able to make 1 yourself that is possible but highly dependent on how lucky you are with drops. Finally, hope this guide will help you to get your first wand in WOW Classic!
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<p>world of warcraft classic ahn qiraj bannerHorde guilds in World of Warcraft Classic have reportedly been having trouble completing the Scarab Lord quest chain due to griefing <a href=""><strong>Cheap wow classic gold</strong></a> by a certain Alliance guild. The quest chain is part of the Opening of The Gates of Ahn’Qiraj event and will reward players with the coveted Scarab Lord title.</p>
<p>According to one Reddit thread, Sulfuras has been blocking Horde attempts to take down the boss prompting every eligible Horde guild to gather and try to zerg the boss down. Sulfuras then allegedly mass reported the player who was about to earn the Scarab Lord title who was instantly slapped with a 7-day ban.</p>
<p>The incident has caused the community to voice their concerns about guilds abusing the report system and mass reporting other players to hinder their progress. Blizzard Entertainment replied with an official statement saying that report abuse will not be tolerated and have investigated the incident in question. The team says that the ban wasn’t because of mass reporting but they did discover a number of accounts that have “filed false reports with bad intent” and have punished the offenders accordingly.</p>
<p>There have also been reports of another form of griefing where low-level players are brought into the engage with the boss to buff its stats and abilities thereby making it harder for the actual player doing the quest to take it down. The studio issued a warning to players abusing the mechanic and have assured the playerbase that they will be taking action against offenders which could include suspension of their account.</p>
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Runescape Yak to the Shadows has been active as a new in-game event. The event has reached the second week. How’s it going, Yak Trackers? If you’d be so kind as to step out of the Zarosian shadows and into the blinding light of day temporarily, you can get more information and runescape 3 gold from our Yak to the Shadows guide.

During this event, players can complete tasks in free and premium prize tracks to obtain some new rewards, including RS Moorrissey pet, Zarosian Vigil and more.

What is Yak to The Shadows?

Yak to the Shadows is an event allowing players to earn rewards by completing tasks, which started on 22 June 2020 and will end on 2 August 2020. It features 2 prize tracks, free and premium, the latter of which gives a larger number of prizes. Players can unlock the premium track by having an active Premier Club membership or by purchasing a Premier Pass, costing 2 bonds.If you haven’t got cracking (yakking?) on Moorrissey’s tasks yet, there’s plenty of time to work your way up the tiers and earn some fabulous rewards of your own.

Yak to the Shadows ends on August 2nd, so why not log in and get started today?

How to join in Yak to the Shadows?

RS Yak to the Shadows is a new event started on June 22nd, 2020. Upon logging in during the event, you will find the Yak Track Task List appearing in your backpack, which can be read to access the tasks interface.

Players can complete either task to progress to the next tier. Task requirements are based on the player's level in the task skill, as well as if they are free-to-play or pay-to-play. Free-to-play players only have the options of free-to-play skills as tasks, whilst members have a mixture of free-to-play and members skills. The premium track offers a larger number of prizes, which can be unlocked if you have an active Premier Club membership or buy a Premier Pass with 2 bonds.

Players can skip tiers by using task skips. Everyone initially has two task skip tokens, and more can be purchased with bonds via the store or obtained from Treasure Hunter. Unused tokens carry over to the next Yak Track event.Players who completed up to task 40 in the premium track of the previous Yak Track event have the first 10 tasks of this event halfway completed automatically.

What can you get from Yak to the Shadows?

During RS Yak to the Shadows event, there are 50 tiers, and players can receive cosmetics and items for progressing through each. Ironman accounts will receive only the cosmetic rewards. Free players cannot get members rewards, such as large prismatic lamps or Silverhawk down. But one player could claim any missed rewards if he later becomes members.

On the Free Track, new rewards include RS Zarosian Vigil pet, Shadow Magus robes, Shadow Magus Staff, and more boosters and consumables. On the Premium Track, you will obtain RS Moorrissey pet, the awe-inspiring Herald of Fate set, and some other exclusive prizes.

If tasks are completed without the premier pass and the player later gains a premier pass, all of the previous premium rewards will automatically unlock. All weapons and armor received are cosmetic overrides.
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WOW Classic Patch 1.13.5 is now available, it brings major and minor changes and includs some major changes to the raid.

The patch prepares the client for some of the biggest changes for novices, those who have alts, or just those who don’t like raids. This is in the form of 2 items in the dungeon set, the dungeon mission line and the supplier. All these items will be provided with the Ahn’Qiraj event on July 28th. wow classic gold for sale

For those who may not remember, this long task sequence allows wow gold players to gradually upgrade their Dungeon Set 1 to Dungeon Set 2, also known as Tier 0.5 in the community. In this way, the scene can be replaced with a more powerful upgrade function without the need for a large-scale raid. Although in Classic, the entire attack scene is indeed much easier than in the original game, there are still some players who are more willing to play the game content without having to participate in such a large event-this is a perfect choice for them.

Having said that, to complete the entire set of Dungeon 2 is a long and expensive process that requires the completion of multiple long task chains, a large number of gold coins and the cultivation of various components in the world. For those who don’t like raids, or for those who want to have all the available levels in the game, this is still a great choice.

In addition to the new dungeon set, the loot table has also been updated, giving players the opportunity to have more epic items. Similarly, some highly sought-after items that did not appear in the game dungeon until the end of the year have not appeared in the game until now, and "Relic" brings the most important items among them. The relic was originally released in patch 1.10.0 and was sought after as a bonus for certain spells and abilities. Three types will be provided in Classic, including Idols for Druids, Librams for Paladins, and Totems for Shamans, which makes many ultimate dungeons worth visiting.

Finally, gamers are eagerly looking forward to several other important features in the game. For beginners, you can finally get Nexus Crystals by disassembling Epic items. These items are essential for the strongest enchantment in the game, and with the players' fierce attacks on Ahn'Qiraj, there will definitely be high demand. Wizard oil and Mana oil have also been added to the game, which is very useful for raiding the caster if they can buy wow gold classic.

Readers can view the complete list of patch notes on the official website, including some bug fixes, some changes to the PvP battlefield, and authentication package slots.
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Blizzard has officially launched the merger plan for World of Warcraft servers, soon the low-population realms will be merged with the hottest ones during the next two to three months during scheduled maintenance until it works well.

World of Warcraft is one of the best PC games, and over the years, countless players have joined it and accumulated a lot of gaming experience, so this is also easy to understand that the integration of servers provides players with more opportunities, because with a large population, you can choose the ones to fight side by side among more people.

Blizzard will issue a notification before each integration to let every player know, then during the maintenance period, all affected servers will be automatically merged, until the players log into the game next time, they will find that they are already in a larger realm.

World of Warcraft: Shadowlands is already in preparation, and it is set to arrive before the end of 2020, before that, Blizzard will complete the integration of all servers.

Blizzard maintains uninterrupted updates to World of Warcraft, allowing players to experience new content. It is expected that how it will work after the server integration, and once we have further news, we will share it with you immediately.

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<p> Tier 92 Armour is the best armour in RuneScape, but most players have had to settle for lesser alternatives because it’s too expensive to fix.</p>
<p> We think you deserve the best, so Tier 92 Elite Armours can now be repaired more effectively. From now on you’ll be able to create a ‘repair patch’ that will repair Tier 92 Sirenic and Tectonic armours at a reasonable cost.</p>
<p> The Ninja Team has updated RS Tier 92 Elite Armours in many aspects, such as adding praesulic essence to create elite armours. And more changes can be learned below.</p>
<p> Praesulic essence required to create RS Tier 92 Elite Armours</p>
<p> Praesulic essence is a collection of items, including praesulic essence (melee), praesulic essence(ranged) and praesulic essence (magic). All of them can be obtained through breaking down Pernix, Virtus and Torva gear at the Dragonkin Forge for Ranged, Magic and Melee essence respectively.<br />
Now praesulic essence is required to create Tier 92 Elite Armours. For example, 10 praesulic essence (ranged) is required for a full set of Elite Sirenic, and 10 praesulic essence (magic) is required for a full set of Elite Tectonic.</p>
<p> Other changes to RS Tier 92 Elite Armours</p>
<p> The Ninja Team also has made other updates to Tier 92 Elite Armours, such as:<br />
1. Upgrade augmented T90 Sirenic and Tectonic armour to T92 when at 95% degradation or above.<br />
2. Add a tooltip to the Elite Armours explaining their set effect, which negates degradation in Elite Dungeons.<br />
3. Show the degradation state at two decimal places for accuracy while repairing armours.<br />
4. Correct amount of primary ingredient can be dropped from Degrade-to-dust armours (T90 &amp; T92), relative to charge remaining, when you are killed in the Wilderness.<br />
5. The Make-x screen now defaults to a quantity of one to avoid accidentally making too many copies of one equipment piece when making T90 and T92 Ranged or Magic armour.</p>
<p> Tradeable Super Prayer Potions</p>
<p> Repair patches aren’t the only way the Ninja Team are saving you money this week – they’ve also made it possible to buy and sell Super Prayer potions on the Grand Exchange. No more wasting time and resources to mix them up yourself!</p>
<p> All 1-4 dose vials and 6-dose flasks can now be traded freely on the Grand Exchange. And because they’re tradeable, you can also ask other players to make them for you – or offer your own potion-mixing services.</p>
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