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The latest Old School RuneScape community poll for a new quest to be added to the game - A Divided Kingdom - came with flying colors. Almost 93% of the votes cast were in favor of adding, and Jagex hopes to roll out the new content in 2021.

The Old School RuneScape team always conducts community surveys before adding, modifying or removing large amounts of content to the game. The goal is to keep all players engaged in the world and to provide a layer of transparency that you don't normally see with other developers. So far, this tactic has paid off, and OSRS has pulled an incredible number of players by 2020.

Polls have been completed for A Kingdom Divided, a new Kourend mission that Jagex will be developing next year. Almost all of the votes were in favor and only a few players voted against. Out of over 30,000 votes cast, only 2,256 were against the change.

“A Divided Kingdom is another mission in the Kourend series. Investigate the underlying corruption in the ruling Kourend Council and uncover a much deeper conspiracy spanning hundreds of years, ”reads an official poll. “In addition to the quest, there are also some suggested alterations to the Arceuus spellbook and the Shayzien area. We want to offer beta worlds to test some of the new spells on offer if successful. "

Jagex officially announced the results on his Old School RuneScape Twitter account, although no further split of votes was given - or the timetable for the coming of the Divided Kingdom -. We'll probably find out more in the new year, so come back after the holidays.

2021 is a big year for RuneScape, which is celebrating its 20th anniversary. Old School RuneScape is a bit younger - since it's a spin-off that was only made a few years ago - enabling players to relive RuneScape's early days. There are some important events planned for January and we can't wait to see what's in store for fans.

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Blizzard launches the final World of Warcraft Classic's vanilla raid, Naxxramas, which is already live on servers for all the players to enjoy. Folks who played at the beginning of Wrath of the Lich King definitely experienced Naxxramas, the expansion’s first tier of raiding. And it was well known at the time that the raid was effectively a remix of the original version of the instance, which was the final tier of raiding in the original run of World of Warcraft. Buy wow classic gold

Naxxramas is the most challenging, and arguably the most fun, 40-man raid encounter in all of Classic World of Warcraft. At the time of the original release back in Vanilla, only about 1% of guilds managed to defeat Kel’Thuzad and clear it entirely. Naxxramas is the large necropolis floating above Stratholme in Eastern Plaguelands. It’s home of the powerful Lich King’s officer Kel’Thuzad. Naxxramas attunement in Classic WoW honored reputation with Argent Dawn. You can quickly boost your reputation by running Scholomance and Stratholme. After gaining reputation, speak with Archmage Angela Dosantos at Light’s Hope Chapel in Eastern Plaguelands. There’s a short quest to complete that allows you access to the new dungeon.

The endgame Naxxramas raid is now live in World of Warcraft Classic. Set in a giant necropolis floating above the Plaguelands of Azeroth, the dungeon is designed for up to 40 players, and takes place over four wings stuffed with mid-bosses, before a central lair with the final challenges. Naturally what matters is the loot, and players will be able to find nine-piece raid sets for each class, as well as a host of unique items like the insanely powerful Corrupted Ashbringer. Players will need to be at max level to take it on.

At the same time, the Scourge invasion has begun, it last for 4 weeks, and is only effective for level 60 players. This follows the standard WoW template of bashing Scourge baddies at the behest of a commander, and then use the receipt to buy candy equipment from him.

While the World of Warcraft has a tight release schedule, regular World of Warcraft has only recently seen the most revolutionary expansion of Shadowland, which has dramatically changed the game. Blizzard supports the idea of a successful MMORPG implementation over time, and offers this approach most intelligently with the latest add-ons. The most significant change is in the way the story is told. The core narrative is completely linear and players can access the new areas in strict order. Interestingly, it helps deliver the main site better than previous extensions.

It is curious whether the release of Naxxramas will in any way affect the number of people online in Word of Warcraft: Shadowlands, and according to some comments on the official forum, players have expressed their desire to explore the World of Warcraft classics rather than spend time on the latest games. Being the latest - and ultimately last - vanilla raid, Naxxramas will definitely bring in a lot of old-time fans who are willing to re-experience this weird, yet extremely satisfying time capsule that is WoW Classic.

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The first raid of the Shadowlands in World of Warcraft is Castle Nathria in Revendreth.The design of this castle is inspired by Dracula's Castle among the vampires.There are a total of 10 bosses in this raid, and the distribution location can be roughly divided into 4 areas. classic wow gold

Next, let’s understand the skills and some mechanisms of the boss. (The mechanisms and skills listed in this article are heroic difficulty)

First is the No. 1 boss---Shrikwing.

His core skills:Exsanguinated

---Afflicted players receive 10% reduced healing,take 5% more Physical damage,and bleed for 156 Physical damage every 1.5 sec.This effect stacks,but loses an application every 1.5 sec.It is worth noting that standing within Sanguine ichor will reduce exsanguinated.So,it is very important to distinguish which skills will cause Exsanguinated or Sanguine Ichor.

The fight has two stages.

Stage one

Exsanguinating Bite---Shriekwing inflicts 37402Physical damage and afflicts the target with 10 applications of Wxsanguinated.

Blind Swipe---hriekwing inflicts 15584 Physical damage to players within a 12 yard frontal cone.

Echolocation---Shriekwing senses a player and descends on their location after 8 sec.(this skill will leave Sanguine Ichor)

Earsplitting Shriek---Shiekwing inflicts damage to all players within her line of sight and an additional damage every 2 sec for 12 sec.(this skill will also leave Sanguine Ichor)

Echoing Screech---Echoing shrieks inflict damage upon contact,horrifying the target for 3 sec and descending on that location after 6 sec.

Stage two

In this stage, Shrikwing will have 99% damage reduction, so the focus is on avoiding skills rather than attacking boss.

It should be noted that all players within 12 yards of Shrikwing in this stage will be immediately destroyed.

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Naxxramas is the last raid in Classic WoW filled with dangerous bosses and amazing loot. It took longer than the previous World of Warcraft classic raid, but Naxxramas, the last raid of the expansion, has been completed by the European Alliance guild Progress. The final vanilla raid, Naxxramas, has already gone live in World of Warcraft Classic. It’ll probably result in new impressive achievements by the community, much like one of the older raids being completed in the most complicated way possible. wow classic gold

The previous classic raid matches ended with the last boss being killed in less than an hour, but Kel’thuzad stood for nearly an hour and a half after Naxxramas was released at 4 pm Dec 4 CT. Starting immediately when the raid is available, Progress finally knocked down the boss at 5:23 PM CT, more than 20 minutes earlier than other guilds in the world. Due to the layout of the dungeon, Naxxramas's world number one classic game earlier yesterday was very chaotic. Before unlocking the last two bosses of the raid, the player needs to clear 4 different wings, which provides a lot of room for creation.

Progress started with four-boss abomination wings, and then simpler spider wings. After that, the team easily eliminated Plague Wings before dealing with the military zone, where there was one of the most powerful bosses, the Four Horsemen. In general, the guild was able to complete the task with only 31 deaths, and there was no boss cleaning, which gave them a huge advantage because they had the cleanest operation in the guild. In Classic, the entire raid was cleared by every top guild within a few hours of it becoming accessible and they’ve all been farming those bosses for loot since, making the typical Classic raider significantly more geared than those from 2005.

In the spring, a group of dedicated players united in the name of the "Killing Blade" guild and started a mission to kill a very special raid boss in the most difficult way imaginable-and successfully did it. Arrived. The boss in question was Hakkar the Soulflayer who was previously undefeatable without killing his high priests in advance. Each of them is responsible for Hakkar's extra abilities, which means that eliminating them basically makes the boss easier to manage. Knowing all this, Killing Blade completely ignored the priest, confronted the boss in his strongest form, and effectively defeated him in about eight minutes.

Following in the tradition of the World of Warcraft's classic foray and update plans, Blizzard has released one last vanilla raid game: Naxxmas. Since its inception, the release of this section marks the last chapter in supporting the base game, and the next addition will be the first major expansion, the Burning Crusade. Obviously, this add-on will not be released in the World of Warcraft classic as outlined earlier, which means that vanilla games will remain intact after Naxxramas is released. Still, returning adventurers have a lot of work to do. The castle of Kel 'Thuzad has a variety of distinctive leaders who must be defeated if the player can take on the Lich King's most powerful vassal.

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Yes we know, it's hard to believe it - but the end of 2020 is nearly in sight! As a bright new year approaches, we're thinking back on all we've achieved in this one, from The Nightmare to Leagues II - Trailblazer. Hey, it was only a year ago that we got you all eating in the Bank!

We'd like to thank all our players for their overwhelming support. The world of Gielinor would simply not be the same without you - and neither would we! In these difficult times you've kept our spirits high with memes, fanart, livestreams, and some extremely helpful feedback. We hope that whatever adventures you have planned between now and New Year are merry and bright, and that you'll be able to take a break from the festivities to cosy up with a Slayer task or two.

Now, onto business: this is the last update of the year, but we'll see you again in early January to embark on a year jam-packed with exciting updates. It's also worth noting that on January 6th Leagues II - Trailblazer will officially end - so make sure to finish up any outstanding tasks before then!

Lastly, just so you're aware, there will be a reboot on December 23rd to ensure that everything's running smoothly before we all disappear to eat our own weight in mince pies.

Right then - we've got a Christmas event to show off, so let's get to it!

Christmas Event

christmans event

Jingle bells, Bandos smells – it’s that time of year again in the world of Gielinor, the time to relax with friends and family, cuddle up by the fireplace, open loads of pressies, and get invaded by goblins. Hang on a sec…

Hmm, looks like the goblins are dreaming of a green Christmas! Speak to Scrubfoot by the large Christmas tree north of Falador to figure out what’s going on, then take on your greatest challenge yet: teaching goblins. Once everything’s looking merry and bright once more, you’ll be rewarded with some suitably festive rewards, along with all the rewards from previous years’ events.

Plus, head to the Goblin Village to try your hand at sled racing, a wintery new activity that’ll see you speeding along the course to try and beat your personal best!

You'll also be able to unlock a new music track, as composed by Santa's chief Audio elf (Mod Ian).

Settings Rework Improvements

We’ve made a couple of small changes to last week’s Settings Rework!

The Bond button has been re-added to the side panel.
Fixed a bug that occurred when teleporting with the Audio tab open in the side panel.
Fixed a typo in the Settings menu – sorry, ‘search search’!
The Brightness and Client Size settings have been moved back to the side panel.
The position of the Call Servant and Exit House buttons have been swapped in the Player Owned House Settings, so that the Call Servant button once again lines up conveniently with the side panel button that opens this menu.

Dragon - 45,210
Rune - 30,450
Adamant - 17,590
Mithril - 6,440
Steel - 2,120
Iron - 540
Bronze - 100

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Fankriss the Unyielding is the third important boss to defeat in AQ40. Even though his melee attacks aren’t that strong, he has a debuff called ‘Mortal Wound’. This stacked de-buff can reduce incoming healing by a whole 10% per attack. The 3 bug tunnels that are present in the room, spawns Vekniss Hatchlings every minute, but they aren’t a threat. The battle with this NPC is mostly about control, as Fankriss spawns’ level 63 NPCs in groups of three and to avoid being killed instantly, you’ll have to kill them as soon as possible.

Before we begin with the guide, let’s go through the loot table.

Imperial Qiraji Drops:

· Imperial Qiraji Armaments

· Imperial Qiraji Regalia

· Qiraji Lord's Insignia

Exclusive Drops:

· Ancient Qiraji Ripper

· Barb of the Sand Reaver

· Barbed Choker

· Cloak of Untold Secrets

· Fetish of the Sand Reaver

· Hive Tunneler's Boots

· Libram of Grace

· Mantle of Wicked Revenge

· Pauldrons of the Unrelenting

· Robes of the Guardian Saint

· Scaled Sand Reaver Leggings

· Silithid Carapace Chestguard

· Totem of Life

There are 5 notable classes and a few strategies that you’ll have to keep in mind.

- Warrior tanks role is to pay attention to the Mortal Wound de-duffs from Fankriss, as allowing too many to the stack will reduce incoming healing and lead to the tank being dead. Tanks need to provoke the boss to allow their stacks to fall off before facing him. The other off tanks aren’t assigned with this task, so they should focus on the other NPCs like Spawn of Fankriss or Vekniss Drones that pile up behind the boss.

- Melees like Warrior and Rogue should swap and burn down any nearby Spawn of Fankriss as soon as they can because they have a Berserker effect that empowers them and therefore cannot be left alone. Spawn of Fankris can either be summoned alone, in a pack of two or even three.

- Mages and Warlocks tasks in piling up Vekniss Drones when the warrior tanks make a call and then swap the damage over to Spawns of Fankriss during their time of summoning.

The following are quick tips for Fankriss the Unyielding.


All warriors and rogues should only focus on killing the Spawn of Fankriss because during the event they go berserk and need to be put down immediately to avoid heavy damage. Melee should wait for the tank to call out to burn down the piled up Vekniss Drones.


One main tank should keep Fankriss the Unyielding busy and away from the raid, and only switch with the other tank when the de-buffs stack too high. The new tank then takes over the task of the old one, while the old tank joins the melee stack behind Fankriss and wait for the de-buff (Mortal Would) to fall off.

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Each expansion of WOW will bring new system functions, so does Shadowlands, Soulbinds is an important part of it, but there may be many players who feel curious about these new mechanisms, so this article mainly introduces Soulbinds.

About Soulbinds

Soulbind is the answer to Legion's Artifact Weapons or Battle for Azeroth's Azerite equipment. In fact, when you choose your WOW Covenant at level 60, you will have the opportunity to Soulbind one of several famous members of the Covenant. In return, you will get a small part of the power from them. Once you choose the Soulbind, you can customize it through the talent tree interface, and you can increase the strength of your character in many different ways.

How to unlock?

When you reach level 60, you can choose one of 4 Covenants. Each contract governs different zones, and they will provide you with different goals and rewards.

Once you have finished the introductory questline in the Covenant you picked, you can begin the Forge of Bonds. The two NPCs around you play a key role. They will give you certain power in the form of a Soulbind. When you complete the Covenant battle, you will unlock the third key NPC.

How to unlock the extra abilities of Soundbinds?

In the beginning, most of the abilities of Soulbind are locked, so when the Covenant you choose increases your Renown, you can get more rows.

Some rows have more than one choice for you to choose from, so you need to consider which one best meets your needs.

You will find that the abilities of Soulbind are integrated into the unique Soulbind tree, and the empty slots also need to be filled with a Soulbind Conduit. As for Conduits, you can get them through different activities, and each activity will provide a bonus. This also means that you can further customize your character.

How to switch between Soulbinds?

Each Covenant has three Soulbinds, so you need to set them for different purposes when appropriate. For example, one type of Soulbind is suitable for causing extra damage during a raid, while the other is more suitable for open-world quests.

These Soulbinds can be switched to each other, which is the same as the talents. You need to make the process in the rest place. If you want to switch your personal abilities to a Soulbind, you can do it in your Covenant Sanctum.

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This quest is about Olaf Hradson, who has been travelling around in his boat to find his grandfather’s treasure, but unfortunately, his boat has crashed and you must help him find the treasure to ensure that his family doesn’t think that he’s a failure.

Quest Requirements

- The Fremennik Trials

Skill Requirements

- 40 Fire Making

- 50 Woodcutting

- 57+ Agility (would be an advantage to get to Rellekka through a shortcut)

Items Required

- A Tinderbox

- A Spade

- 6 Ropes

- Any Woodcutting Axe

- 4 Free Inventory Spaces

Items Recommended

- Weight Reducing Clothing

- Food

- Prayer Potions

- Agility Potions or Summer Pies

- Dramen / Lunar Staff

- Polar Eagle for faster travel

- Boots of Lightness

- Stamina Potion

- House Teleport or any other to teleport to Rellekka

Enough combat level to defeat a level 40 Skeleton Fremennik and Ulfric (Level 100). However, ulfric is safe-spottable.

To start this quest, talk to Olaf Hradson who is located by the entrance of the snow hunting area and keldagrim, just northeast of Rellekka. You can use a fairy ring (code d*k*s) to get there, or the polar eagle. Speak to him and he will ask for logs from the wind-swept tree up the mountain path to the east. Follow the bath, go up the hill and cut the tree with an axe that you have, and return to Olaf and give him the logs. He will craft the logs into an artifact and ask you to take it to his wife and son.

Now, make your way to Olaf’s wife, Ingrid Hradson, who is located near the well in Rellekka and his son, Volf Olafson is just further north by the helmet shop. You can take the agility shortcut at the eastern fence which requires 57+ Agility or use an Enchanted Lyre to teleport. Talk to them and they’ll give you some food for Olaf, which you have to save in your inventory as he is going to ask you later.

Head back to Olaf again, and he’ll ask you to make fire using damp planks. Use them on the fire pit and light the pit with your tinderbox. Once you make the fire, he will give you Sven’s last map, and the X on the map will represent the tree on the hill that you cut down. Dig next to the same spot where you cut the tree down, and you will end up falling into a cave.

In case you end up exiting the cave, you can dig by the windswept tree again to re-enter.

Head east, then north in the cave and make sure to kill a level 40 Skeleton Fremennik along the way to obtain a key. If not, you can kill one after you’ve crossed the puzzle door. Now, search the wall that Is far west in the cave to find a puzzle on it. This puzzle must be solved by pulling levers and the pieces must be rotated to get an image of skull and crossbones. The order of the levers is: Right, Up, Left, Down, and then the bottom. Solve it and move into the next room, where you will find ropes and rotten barrels that can be picked up, so pick 2 of the barrels and 6 ropes if you haven’t brought any along with you.

It is recommended that you drink an agility potion or eat a summer pie to boost your levels if you’ve brought one and head to the bridge to the northeast. Running is automatically disabled here, so start walking and whenever you find a broken section, use a barrel on it to fix it and continue.

Quest Rewards

- 1 Quest point

- Defence 12,000 Defence experience

- 20,000 coins

- 4 cut rubies

- Access to a cave where you can fight brine rats.

- A piece of parchment telling you of other shipwrecks with more treasure.

Congratulations – Quest Complete!

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Old School RuneScape reveals more information about Tempoross - The Fishing Skill Boss. Jagex brought players' attention to Tempoross earlier this year when the team first discussed how to place a fishing skill boss in the Old School RuneScape world. As we approach 2021, the details of the meeting begin to converge. A poll starts tomorrow where you can vote on various aspects of the new content, but Jagex will give you an early look at what's on the ballot paper.

Tempoross is "a completely new, fun and social way to train fish". Jagex said the content will be available to any member with at least Level 35 Fishing, and you don't have to worry about it turning into a dangerous battle. This doesn't mean you always come out victorious, but losing a battle is not the same as losing all of your HP.

The Ruins of Unkah and Sea Spirit Dock are the proposed Tempoross Challenges lobby accessed via Al Kharid. You have to fight the water monster between two boats, fire cannons and avoid Tempoross attacks when he tries to throw you off balance. Battle XP rates scale based on your level, but don't offer the highest XP rates in all of Gielinor. The makers "don't want to stop everyone from fishing around Gielinor, because it adds life and character to the world." Instead, it's meant to be fun pastime and a way to confuse your fishing routine.

Several exclusive rewards are offered for the challenging Tempoross, including the Spirit Angler pirate outfit and the Harpoonfish Trophy.

Like everything related to Old School, Jagex doesn't just add these features to the game without consulting the community. If you don't like the idea of ??Tempoross, you can log in to the game and vote “No” in the poll Question # 1 - Should Tempoross be added to the game? There are 25 questions about the water boss in total, each of which aims to make the content as fun and accessible as possible.

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A Transmogrification, likewise usually alluded to as a transmog, is an impact that camouflages a bit of defensive layer or weapon as another. This is gainful to players when they need the high details of an exceptional thing, however might want the actual appearance of another. This will likewise prove to be useful if players need to conceal a bit of protective layer. Not everything things can be transmogged, and players should have the option to prepare both the bit of shield and the transmog simultaneously. world of warcraft classic gold

The Sprite Darter's Wings set is a transmog that will permit wow classic gold players to hold the details of their #1 stuff while giving it another and beautiful look. Numerous transmogs can be gotten through finishing missions for NPC's, however players can buy this particular transmog with true cash. Enlivened by the fey monsters of Azeroth, this vivid and bright transmog is a full ensemble that players can wear as a full set, or in eight individual pieces. It accompanies restorative wings and a sprite cover that will give characters an entrancing appearance. The transmog doesn't stretch out to weapons, so players' weapons will look the equivalent even with the transmog initiated.

To get this transmog, players should pay for a six-month membership to World of Warcraft at a time from the Blizzard store for $12.99 per month, or $77.94 complete, now. This extraordinary is set to proceed until December thirteenth, 2020. In the event that a player is now on a six-month repeating membership cycle, they should check their endowments in the Blizzard store. As they have just bought a six-month membership, their transmog will be free. In the event that they have not as of now been granted the Sprite Darter's Wings Transmog, it should be in their blessings previously or on October 30th. This could be viewed as a sound venture for players investigating the Shadowlands extension, as they might be determined to going through a large portion of a year on the game in any case.

In the event that a player would not like to buy a six-month membership, they can likewise buy the transmog by and large for $20.00 in the Blizzard Store also. Up until now, these two choices are the lone path for the player to procure the transmog, however this may change sometime in the not too distant future. This transmog can be applied to any character that has been connected to the record the membership has been relegated to, or that has been related with the acquisition of the transmog. Remember that this transmog isn't accessible in World of Warcraft Classic.

All Transmogrifiers will have the title of Warpweaver, and have a mummy-like appearance with a purple shine. They won't be hard to track down, as they are typically situated in the regularly crossed regions or commercial centers of the city they call home. Players would then be able to see how their character would look wearing the full Sprite Darter's Wings transmog, or bits of it before they actuate it. Normally, this transmog can be enacted by individuals from any race, class, or group.

With the capacity to transmog even the most impressive and threatening defensive layer into the Sprite Darter's Wings set, players can carry more tone and eccentricity to their character's reinforcement. Watch out for the set prepared on players wandering around Azeroth, as certain characters may just have wings or other little pieces of the set prepared. Utilize the Sprite Darter's Wings set to carry more tone to a character's closet, or to conceal a bit of especially terrible shield that is too incredible to even think about throwing out.

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Welcome to our gold farming guide for Mage, where you can learn the best ways to farm wow classic gold with a Mage in WoW Classic. This video is from Damnboi, in which he shares some ways of farming gold (Mage farm DUO/TRIO/QUARTRO) in WoW Classic Naxxramas. All the content is quoted from his video.

Loot Table

Let’s get into it. You are going to kill nine goals, infectious goals and they have a 100 chance to drop a scrap, so you can get all four scraps and get one from each goal. The ones that are hardest to come, and the side is the war torn chain scrap, then the leather one, cloth and plate drop pretty regularly, they have a higher chance drop on top of that word of thawing.

The Pull

As for the pull, the way it works is you only need a lip for every clear, so that is around 4-5 gold I need on servers, so it costs around 2-3 gold depending on how many mages you're doing this with per clear pretty damn awesome. You do not need a center speed potion, and you only need to bring a little bit of focus and there you have some easy gold, so the pull works like this: you have three packs, one on the left, one on the right and one straight ahead, and you should mark all the slimes, so you can keep a track of where they are.


You're going to do a blizzard here for 2-3 seconds on the first pack, then you're gonna blink right away and you're gonna body pool or fire blast. The right pack you are gonna it's kinda spelled back in the front, and then you're gonna lip when they get close to you, and then you do an over and you actually would the preferred way to do.


When you go to three man mage pool, you will still have one guy kiting. But if you have the marauder dagger which most people have, it will only takes 50 kills approximately to get. It is 2% drop chance from the princess in rod, you will be having one mage spamming arcane explosion. With the talent, you have reduced arcane damage threat by 40. As for the frost, you have 30 reduced on frost spells, so you will not be getting angry very fast.


Let’s move on to the four man pool. As for the four man pool, the pool initial is the same. By the way the gargoyle as you can see flying there, actually resets when he gets out here, so don't worry about that one. When you do the poll, you have to focus and wait for him to run out of line sight. When you're doing the first blizzard with four mages, the kill time is 7-9 minutes. When we do four mages, we always have 1mage -2 dying a couple of times because they get too eager to kill them faster. What you're gonna be doing here is the exact same as the three-man pool, but you will have two mages.

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Christmas is around the corner. At this time, WOW players may be busy restoring order in the afterlife, but it is also essential for the game to celebrate the festival. After the recent Castle Nathria raids, the heroes have a temporary rest time. From December 16th to January 2nd, all of you have the opportunity to Buy classic wow gold and participate in the Winter Veil event and obtain some holiday rewards.

According to legend, the prototype of this Warcraft Christmas is Santa, who can take any form to leave snow and joy to you. Although Shadowlands will not have much involvement in Winter Veil, you can return to Azeroth to experience this celebration.

There are still many things to look forward to for 2020 events:

Greatfather Winter

He and his helpers have arranged Winter Veil decorations in Orgrimmar and Ironforge. Under the huge Christmas tree, you can find many gifts, from cosmetics to new toys, but you can only open these gifts until Christmas morning. But before that, you still have something to do. You can tour the city with the sleigh of Greatfather Winter.

Besides, you can finally meet Greatfather Pepe in the game, he will appear at the top of the nearby cart. When you click Pepe, you will get a buff for one hour. Please note that there is a prerequisite for you to interact with Pepe: your character must reach level 50.

To defeat the Abominable Greench

If you reach level 30, you can get a daily quest - You're a Mean One. You need to go to Growless Cave in Hillsbrad Foothills, and then defeat the Abominable Greench to save Metzen the Reindeer.

If you can smoothly complete this quest, you will be rewarded, including the previous Winter's Grasp and Flames of Ragnaros.

Garrison Dailies

If you want to access more Winter Veil related to mythical yeti Grumpus content, you need to reach level 40 and have level 3 Draenor Garrison. After completing all the quests, you will get 5 Merry Supplies, which you can exchange for various Garrison decorations or toys.

Christmas Hats

More interesting thing is that you will see some enemies dressed up for welcoming Christmas, imaging that bosses like Sire Denathrius are wearing red or green Christmas hats, which is funny. And you'll have the opportunity to snatch these decorative helmets during the killing. So in the following days, you can pay close attention to enemies wearing holiday hats.

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world of warcraft party sync bannerBack in November, Blizzard Entertainment enabled free character transfers in World of Warcraft to encourage players on more populated realms to Buy wow classic gold and move to less-populated ones in an effort to keep queue times down to a minimum.

According to a recent post on the official forums, the free transfers will only be available until 11 am PST later today, December 17th so if you plan on moving to another realm now’s the time to do so. If the free character transfer option is available in your current realm, you’ll find in the Services tab of the shop on your current realm’s character selection screen.

"World of Warcraft Classic" did everything. It reproduces a real snapshot of a moment, the 1.12 patch in vanilla WoW, and quietly built in some engineering conveniences. I have also seen some signs of better player behavior infiltrating modern games. It is impossible to guess what will happen next, but this is an interesting experiment to help find out what people like in the game and what might bring them back. Whether it is fictitious or otherwise, these data are valuable.

World of Warcraft classic runs mainly in version 1.12 of the game, although Blizzard chose to release content slowly in a different way than vanilla World of Warcraft's release schedule. The game launches with both Molten Heart and Onyxia raids, as well as dungeons (such as Maraudon) that were introduced after the original game. Battlegrounds Warsong Gulch and Alterac Valley as expected, the post-launch raid with Blackwing Lair was released well after the raid landed later this month - and is sure to attract more players due to the popularity of the raid.

Even if the classic game is obviously shrinking, the strong reaction at the time of release should convey two important messages to modern game designers: "World of Warcraft" has played an important role in people's lives for 15 years, creating a kind of homeland only in childhood Nostalgia. Players really like games like World of Warcraft. It allows players to feel a sense of accomplishment in the process of completing the game, and enables people around them to take the initiative, unite, and maintain civilization.

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It used to be hard to make money from MMORPGs. A strange concept that may seem too similar to real life, which is why it is often less of a challenge in modern games. On the other hand, many players consider it an integral part of the gameplay, so the updated, modern versions of previous games are still characterized by a gold shortage as a hallmark. To grind or not is an age-old question, and is it possible to at least get rich by doing it?

Tanning of cowhide

Leather is in great demand in the game because it is so often used in the manufacture of equipment, weapons, clothing, and various other items. It's available at a low level almost immediately after starting the game, so it's a popular choice for novice RPG players or new players. Cows are docile, easy to kill, fall off the hide quickly, and spawn quickly, so repeating the process is easy and efficient.

You can take the skin to a tanner, but you can also save money by increasing your magic level to 83 and instead learn the Make Leather spell and save a few coins. You can make hard or soft skin wither as both are lucrative, although soft skin is usually worth more.

Rune running

It's not just about finding and acquiring runes. This is a service that can be offered to players who are too busy or too rich to perform tasks as simple as collecting runes. One of the reasons the price for this kind of simple service is high is that growing rune or pure essence often requires the player to take a long way to a high level and often dangerous territory. Check out the Runes and Ammo section on the RuneScape forums to find other players willing to pay for your time and effort.

Mining gold

Does that sound too obvious? In the echo of real life, gold ores are sought in Gielinor for many of the same reasons we like it in real life. You can use it to make jewelry and train your blacksmith skill so you can sell it to others to raise your level or use it yourself to make shiny bumps and sell for a profit. You only need level 40 mining and crafting to use this method, and the best places to find ore are in dangerous areas or locations restricted to member accounts. Completing some optional tasks will give you access to a specific mine and you will receive a discount for the dealer in that location.

Herb farming

Herbs are linked to the Herblore ability, which is useful at all levels, but essential for higher-level characters and related quests and activities. The herbs need to be purified before they can be used to make potions, which is a convenient way to raise your own skill level while also producing a lucrative material that can be sold or added as an ingredient to make something even more valuable.

Growing herbs is a form of high art and precision science at OSRC. There are some tips, tricks and simple techniques using crop rotation, super composting, and herb tables, as well as farming skills high enough to buy and plant seeds.

Kill the gargoyles

Players who spend some time perfecting their Killing skills are known to have a gargoyle that drops nice loot. An example is Granite Maul, which is part of a kit that only drops from gargoyles. These creatures can only be found in the member areas, so this is one of the few tips not available for free-to-play accounts. Grab this special rock hammer, make sure your Killing skill is at least 75, and go for some fun and runescape 3 gold .

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The new year 2021 is coming. Can you believe it's our last This Week In RuneScape of the year? And what a year it's been! From War's Retreat to Raksha, with a quick detour through Archaeology, we've had loads of great updates - with many more to come in 2021. But first, let's take a look at what's happening this week, shall we? rs gold

It's Chriiiiiiistmaaaaaas! The snow is falling, the lights are twinkling, and we've got a few suitably festive updates for you! Read on to see how you can rejoin Violet in the Land of Snow, search Diango's storage on mobile, and get started on a wintery new Yak Track.

Last time you met Violet, you helped her find the way to Yeti Town and make some new friends. Now everyone's favourite ragamuffin is back, and she needs your help once again!

It's almost Christmas, and Yeti Town should be festooned with tinsel, lights, and baubles - but the whole place has remained dismally undecorated! It's up to you to help Violet get to the bottom of this merry mystery and save the day.

And if you're too busy delivering presents and scoffing mince pies this holiday season, no worries - like the first quest in the series, Violet is Blue Too will be available to play all year, every year from now on.

How to Start

To start Violet is Blue Too, you’ll need to have completed Violet is Blue. There are no other requirements.Speak to Postie Pete outside the portal on White Wolf Mountain to begin the quest.

You can find Diango in Draynor Market, tirelessly handing out rewards from holiday events past - but this year, he's the one getting the gifts! The Ninja Team has paid him a visit and spruced up his UI. Plus, while they were in the area, they paid a little visit to Death's Office and arranged for him to award a new title...

First off, Diango's messaging has been improved in order to clear up any confusion players may have had about the whereabouts of items they already own. In addition, his UI has been given a bit of polish on both mobile and desktop, with bigger icons and a more accessible Search Bar.

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'It’s the Knight Before Christmas, and a new Yak Track is waiting under the tree! Log in now to start completing tasks and earning wintery rewards. If you’ve got Premier Club membership, you’ll get access to everything on both tracks for free! Or, pay just 2 Bonds, and you’ll unlock the Premier Pass for yourself. rs3 gold

Whatever path you choose, get your skates on!

Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the house, not a creature was stirring... apart from those bloody great yaks tracking all over the place!

Yes, there's a new Yak Track for the festive season, and it's running from December 14th to January 24th. New here? No worries: to get yak tracking, head to Burthorpe and have a word with Robin, the Reindeer Yak. He'll set you up with a list of tasks to complete, which range from the silly to the skilful. There are two tasks to choose from at each tier, so you choose whichever suits your playstyle best. For each task you check off the list you'll receive a festive reward!

Speaking of rewards, for completing your very first task you'll get the Permafrost Knight outfit, a super-cool suit of armour that'll let you give Gielinor's toughest baddies a frosty reception. Carry on along the track and you'll get weapons to match, along with Robin the Reindeer Yak in pet form, a Chimney Teleport and much more.

Treat yourself to a Premier Pass for just 2 Bonds and you'll unlock even more cosmetics, boosts, pets and animations: including the Tundral Stalker outfit and Snowflake, the winter fairy pet at Tier 50.

Don't forget - if you've joined the Premier Club, you'll have free access to the Premium Track, and you'll get a cheeky bonus Task Skip for any that aren't to your liking.

This time around, you'll be asked to complete a special holiday task: the present hunt! It seems that yaks aren't very good sleigh animals, and somehow Robin's lost some of the presents he was supposed to deliver. Thankfully, he's got a set of Magical Jingle Bells that will help you detect the presents he's lost - just give them a shake and they'll let you know how close you are to the nearest lost present. Easy peasy!

Lastly, our developer elves have received your wishlists and have been busy making a whole bunch of Quality of Life changes to the Yak Track. For more information, have a look at the Patch Notes!

Speaking of Search Bars, the one in the Bank will now display items you've got stored with Diango, provided you can withdraw them to your Backpack. There's also a new keybind which will activate the search while in Diango's interface; the key is 'S' in English and German, 'B' in Portuguese and 'R' in French.

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It's time to relax with friends during OSRS Christmas event 2020. This year you are asked to help goblins learn what the holidays are about. Once the Christmas event is completed, you can be awarded giant boulder, goblin decorations and previous years rewards.

How to complete OSRS Christmas event 2020?

Christmas event 2020 has begun on Dec. 9. And below is a guide to help you complete the event quickly:

1. Speak to Scrubfoot by the large Christmas tree in the north of Falador.
2. Head to Goblin Village.
3. Speak to the Generals and go through all chat options.
Then you need to collect loads of items listed below:
1). Decorations: Enter the cave in the northwest corner of the village and equip the sled to make your way along the path. While reaching the bottom, pick up 1 red firefly and 1 green firefly and then exit the cave via the crack in the wall by the waterfall. Please note that the tiles with the lines can let you go quicker.
2). Tree/Boulder: Head east, outside of the village, and then pick up the stick on the ground and use it on the boulder.
3). Gifts: Inspect the chest in the southwest building, then go through the options and get things. You need to choose 3 items. Upon the completion, take the bag of the presents to the generals.
4). Food: Speak to the chef underneath the eastern house. Then search the cupboard to the northwest, shelves to the southeast and sacks to the east to get all food items(rotten meat, stale bread, mouldy sawdust). Next put these items into the cauldron and inspect the cauldron to cook the food into a stew.
Finally you can come back to the generals and give them items. The event is completed. Congratulations!

OSRS Christmas event Rewards

After completing the Christmas event, you can be able to obtain:
1. Giant boulder: a cosmetic reward giving a unique animation. It's not for members and can be stored in the toy box of a costume room.
2. Goblin decorations (for members): It can be used on already-existing furniture items like pool, fireplace, curtains and spirit tree spaces inside a player-owned house to change the furniture cosmetically to look Christmas-themed.
3. A Cosy Cabin wall decoration for Player-owned houses, which costs 35,000 coins.
4. Two partyhat sets
5. Two Santa hats
6. Two Christmas crackers
7. Winter holiday music tracks (from previous events)
8. Other rewards from previous year's Christmas events, such as Christmas tree costume, snow imp costume, santa outfit, etc.
9. Access to sled racing

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Naxxramas is the last raid in Classic WoW, filled with dangerous bosses and amazing loot. Let's learn how to navigate this raid in this last episode of Dungeon Dives! This is a real player Platinum WoW's video guide. All of the content is quoted from this video.

Construct Quarter

In the Construct Quarter, you will find a bunch of these flesh golems. Most of them do aoe and are pretty dangerous, so just take this part nice and slow. When entering the next big room, clear out a safe area to pull the next boss patchwerk.

Patchwerk doesn't have many mechanics, his main mechanic is that he hurts a lot, your healers will be tested on how fast they can click one button on one character for an extended period of time. Patchwerk's main ability is hateful strike, this is a melee attack that will do a monster amount of damage to a player in melee range that is second, third or fourth on the threat table, and has the most health, so it's very important melee dps in your group, watching the threat meter, so they don't get installation by the boss.

What you need is you need to have some off tanks ready to soak this ability. This fight is fast, it's dirty and there is not much to talk about at 5%, and he will enrage, but if your healers just keep pressing that one button really fast and hard, this boss should be dead.

When entering to the next boss, there are living poisons on the ground, and they move very slowly from one side of the platform to the other. If you touch them, you instantly die, so please don't be that one guy in your raid that dives to the extremely slow-moving slimes.

In the next room, you'll have to clear out these abominations called Stitched Spewers.

They will uppercut your tank, which knocks them up in the tank. They knock them up in the air and wipe the threat, so you'll need another tank to pick them up and they do aoe poison damage.

Clear out all of these mobs before engaging the next boss Grobbulus. When tanking Grobbulus, you need to be slowly dragging him around the room, because he will leave fart clouds in his wake that deal damage. When you stand in them, he will also place a disease on a random member of the raid called Mutating Injection, this can be cleansed by a healer, but after it is cleansed, it will leave a fart cloud, so it's important to wait for the player to run to the side of the room. Before they get dispelled, you can also just let the disease fall off by itself, but it will just do more damage. If you do it that way when dropping off Mutating Injection.

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New Porsche Design custom watch with online Replica luxury watches configurator

911 enthusiasts can wear the car on their wrist.

Porsche Design was originally founded by Ferdinand Alexander Porsche. He left Porsche in 1972 and founded the Porsche Design Studio. The person nicknamed "Butzi" is most famous not for the watches he made after leaving the company, but for his design. 911. His watch design did not leave a deep and indelible mark on the watch design like the 911 did on the car design, but they are still an important part of the history of watch design, and in most cases can still be immediately recognized. Controversial more famous cars. The first Porsche Design watch was the all-black chronograph in the first year of Porsche Design. Today, it still has a very modern style-much ahead of the times, and has become a template for many watches of many other companies. Will follow.

Porsche Design's move aims to strengthen the connection between the car manufacturer and the design studio, and to provide a strong experience connection between the car and its watch for the 911 owners-just launched a custom timepiece with an online configurator plan. The experience of designing your own 911 with the online car configurator is very similar. This means that you can get a watch that is not only connected to the 911 through universal design DNA, but also directly matches it with many physical characteristics.Porsche Design replica Watches

Interestingly, Porsche Design limited the watch configurator to a single chronograph model for the first time, but this decision is easier to understand when you look at the number of possible changes. You can order almost every part of the watch with a custom surface treatment or custom color. The process starts by selecting the shell – here, you have only two choices, namely, spray glass beads, titanium or PVD black, but once you choose one, the configurator will start to generate dozens of types, and then thousands of different Configuration.

According to Porsche Design, the idea is to create a watch configurator that reflects as much as possible the experience of using a car configurator. Now, there is no doubt that this game is not an exact game-after all, the 911 has more possibilities. They include (if you've never played with the 911 configurator, it's a very enjoyable day, if it might be an extremely expensive way to spend an afternoon – an additional $1,200 in the cockpit Some brushed aluminum materials are used? Performance options for internal and external cosmetics, rims, custom valve tubes, etc. Nevertheless, the watch configurator also provides you with countless possible choices, and whatever you decide to do with the car, you can Create watches that match the appearance and interior of the 911.replica men watches

Studio says that if all possible configurations are taken into account, there may be 1.5 million versions (the strap alone has about 300 variations). One of the most customizable aspects of the watch is actually the view on the back. Here you can choose from a range of different winding rotor configurations, which are based on the various rims available for the 911 and may provide the clearest direct link to the car visually (all five rims currently available for the car) ) Also applies to rotors).

The basic case shape is the shape of the existing Chronotimer, which is currently one of the most traditional case shapes in the Porsche Design timepiece product line. With a diameter of 42mm and a waterproof depth of 5 bar / 50 meters, it has a smooth and slightly biomorphic feel on the whole, which makes it more directly related to the design language and 911 than some products. More angular models made by Porsche Design. In almost all respects, it is a case and design consistent with F.A. Porsche's goal-driven design vision. Various elements are very poor in terms of retention and clarity-technically this is a three-register chronograph, but since it is at 9:00 (clear and easy to read, the watch can be set to second-level accuracy, but nothing more) .

Speaking of accuracy, the movement is Porsche Design's WERK 01.100; this is a COSC-certified automatic chronograph with a 48-hour power reserve. The basic movement architecture has obvious similarities with ETA 7750, but there are also some obvious differences.replica Patek Philippe watches

The implementation of the watch configurator means that a supply chain that is not common in the watch industry is adopted. In this supply chain, the specification is to order some components from suppliers and manufacture other components by themselves (manufacturers do different things from each other to the extent of the brand. Brand), and then assemble the watch under a roof for more or less homogeneous production. However, for these new custom watches, Porsche Design has established an arrangement with its suppliers, allowing it to purchase various parts for each watch as needed. Each watch is more or less unique, depending on the potential watch. The owner's choice. After designing the watch, your design will receive a unique identification number. Any Porsche dealer can accept this number. The order for various parts is from Porsche Design to its supplier; the whole process takes eight to twelve weeks. If necessary, you can pick up the new watch while picking up the new 911.

Since the whole concept behind the watch configurator is to reproduce the beauty of the car as much as possible in the watch, Porsche Design has done its best to ensure that products such as paint, leather and stitching closely correspond to similar products in cars. The yarn used to sew belts is the same as that used in car interiors. The color matching between a car and a watch is obviously a daunting challenge, because the technical requirements are different in each case, and the colors vary according to the materials used. Simply using the same paint on the table as the one used on the car will not produce satisfactory results, so a new paint formulation must be designed. If needed, you can order up to three additional straps, and with the push-button quick strap change system, straps and bracelets can be changed quickly and easily.

For many people, this ultimate 911 accessory is still the most desirable sports car in the world.Jacob & Co ASTRONOMIA TOURBILLON BLACK CERAMIC BLACK & RED

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It’s been two weeks since World of Warcraft Shadowlands came out and the numbers are in. Blizzard Entertainment proudly reports that the expansion has sold over 3.7 million units worldwide making it the “fastest-selling PC game of all time.” The record was previously held by Diablo 3, which sold 3.5 million units the day that it launched in 2012. Buy wow classic gold cheap

Blizzard also shared a number of interesting statistics about the expansion and WoW in general.

“In the months leading up to the expansion’s release and the time since launch, the game reached and has sustained its highest number of players on monthly or longer-term subscriptions compared to the same period ahead of and following any WoW expansion in the past decade, in both the West and the East. Players have spent more time in Azeroth year to date than in the same period of any of the last 10 years. In addition, total player time in game this year to date has nearly doubled compared to the same period last year.”

Of course, the current pandemic may have played a part in bolstering subscriptions and playtime, as is the case with most of the more popular games, but metrics are still metrics and Blizzard is happy to count that as a win.

“It’s been a huge thrill to enter this whole-new dimension of the Warcraft universe together with millions of players around the world,” said Blizzard President J. Allen Brack. “It’s been equally rewarding to see players enjoying all of the new features and content in Shadowlands—whether they’re exploring new aspects of their characters with the Covenants or setting foot in WoW for the first time with the new-player experience in Exile’s Reach—and there’s much more to come.”

If you would like to form gold without ever leaving the town, you'll by buying and selling items on the firm. The key to creating money off the firm is knowing the markets. you would like to shop for items once they are cheap. and sell them at a better price to form gold. this is often easier said than done though and may be risky if you are expecting incorrectly and therefore the price of an item you purchase falls. Markets are going to be different on every server and faction, so you'll get to do your own research if you would like to form gold off the firm this manner.

If you're not curious about using professions to form gold, farming dungeons or specific bosses is taken into account to be an honest thanks to getting an upscale experience and upgrade your level. But remember that you simply should use this method if your level is quite 40. the upper level you've got, the extra money you'll make.

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