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Created 12-18-2019
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Title RuneScape would really benefit from a simplified combat
Description Without throwing money in the games play if and when you have time. Since now matches are being designed to create people spend as much cash as when games were produced from passion and we're not getting exactly the identical experience. Not only is it getting harder and harder to find non-singlerunescape player games that want to you to invest in items, but present games such as RuneScape have been screwed over.There's mechanic info. Your buffs/debuffs in the top right alongside the map, your goal's buffs/debuffs under your target's portrait in the top left. Dozens of cooldowns and abilities. The pinnacle of all overcomplexity. All this is to say that I really don't know a whole lot however I do not think this is a problem. WoW backpedalled on battle and gear sophistication yet this sort of MMORPG just seems to breed complex mechanisms. And more flexibility using mouse controls, as if they could get away with it because they have so many fundamental keys to work together. Along with the systems seem like a consequence of a desire for replayability and material.

One more thing that could go a long way in helping runescape players is superior visuals when it comes to telegraphing attacks. FF14 is a sport similar to RS in that it could be considered slow yet what they do over there is whenever a special transfer is coming up, they use one of their"universal warnings" to indicate to runescape players what is going to happen. The most typical one is a yellow circle around the ground, that means in a few moments something is going to hit that place so that you ought to get out. Latency aside, it is pretty forgiving so long as you are paying attention and respond fairly quickly (such as within 1-1.5 seconds normally) which really helps a lot when you have a 2.5s GCD.

If we had better warnings and visuals as to where things will happen, this would go a very long way in getting people into PvM, like for example, if we take Araxxor's cleave capacity, if 2-3 seconds before he's about to take action, then a warning line seems on the floor where it'll hit, permitting you to know you don't wish to be on any of these tiles. At this time you only have to know where the zone is and also the timing of this attack based on trial & error looking up if attempts did not cost as much as they 43, the wiki, which could be OK. Sure, there's practice mode, but everything else you utilize still comes from pocket.

Are you guys willing to re-learn RuneScape battle? It is no surprise people hate change, but only imagine what the reaction of the majority would be if they announce RuneScape combat is Shifting again. RuneScape would really benefit from a simplified combat system I agree 100%, since frankly, redoing the whole tick system will not happen at all, because runescape game isn't any longer RuneScape, and at this point they're better off creating a completely new game compared to redoing everything and attempting to repair something as outdated as the internet.

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