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Created 05-13-2021
Owner gjsohcat
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Title The Replacement Interval Of The Oil Filter
Description Periodically inspect the oil quality and detect the content of metal particles in the oil sample to determine the bearing damage. At the same time, keep the lubricating oil clean, and judge whether to replace the lubricating oil according to the oil quality and the replacement interval of the oil filter.

Reasonable heating rate can heat the roller sleeve, liner plate and bearing uniformly, thereby prolonging the service life of the liner plate, roller sleeve and key bearing. Among the spare parts of the mill, the price of these key parts is relatively expensive, and any one of them is damaged. Will directly affect the operation cycle of the mill.

When welding construction in the mill, you must pay attention to the connection and grounding of the welded parts. The welding current can not pass through the bearing or twisted point, otherwise it will damage the bearing or twisted point.