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Created 04-26-2021
Owner gjsohcat
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Title The Slag Spitting Phenomenon Of Vertical Mill
Description Reduce the particle size of the material entering vertical roller mill. Increase the granularity of production management, load materials in time, reduce the degree of material segregation, and keep the material level of the mixed silo at more than two-thirds.

Reduce the moisture of the material entering vertical roller mill. Drying and turning in the shed, add a preheating air pipe at the bottom of the three-way valve of vertical roller mill. The hot air is supplied from the hot air pipe of vertical roller mill. This reduces the adhesion of wet materials at the three-way valve and is beneficial to the grinding of the inner material layer. Stable and reduce spitting.

The slag spitting phenomenon of vertical mill is inevitable in normal production, and there are many reasons for slag spitting. If you encounter slag spitting in actual production, you should find the cause in time, find countermeasures, and resume production in time to ensure production efficiency.

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