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Created 04-22-2021
Owner gjsohcat
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Title Heat Treatment Process Are Unreasonable
Description The material of the liner and the heat treatment process directly determine the mechanical properties of the liner, and will have an important impact on the wear of the liner. If the material of the liner is improperly selected and the heat treatment process is unreasonable, the fatigue strength and service life of the liner will be greatly reduced, and the requirements of the vertical roller mill grinding operation will not be met, and problems such as plastic deformation and drumming will occur.

Heat treatment of the liner is an important way to reduce the wear of the liner of the vertical roller mill. Therefore, a suitable heat treatment process should be selected according to the material of the liner.

However, in actual work, the relevant staff lacked knowledge of the material of the lining board, so in the heat treatment work, the processing of the lining board was insufficient, which not only did not play a strengthening role, but made the strength of the lining board lower. When steel balls and materials collide, plastic deformation will occur. The unreasonable heat treatment process will also affect the yield strength of the liner, causing the bolts of the vertical roller mill to break under the action of huge shearing force.

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