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Category Housing
Created 03-23-2021
Owner JohnParis1
Title Essential Japanese Gardening Tools
Description There are four Essential Japanese Gardening Tools needed to create a serene space. Every gardener who understands that lifelong quality tools are better than cheaper tools that will need to be replaced every couple of years will appreciate using the quality and affordability of Japanese tools. Japan has a centuries old tradition of blending nature, beauty, and creativity. In order to create these living works of art, the perfect tools have been sought after and developed as well. Here is a short list of essential Japanese garden tools: Japanese Hand Pruners These razor sharp blades are used in world famous gardens. In Japan, these hand pruners are probably the most used tool in a gardener's repertoire. These reliable hand pruners are some of the strongest clippers on the market, and they also retain their clean cutting edge for years. Japanese hand pruners, such as the Okatsune brand, compete with other familiar brands such as Felco. They are professional quality, life-long garden companions, and an affordable price. Japanese Shears These shears are probably the second most important tool in order to create the beautiful tamamono mounds and hedges found in Japanese gardens. These blades smooth and swift and allow you to prune for hours because of their lightweight.
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