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Created 03-09-2021
Owner mmogo
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Title I played better
Description Face of the franchise is far better than their previous narrative manners, but not by far. I really hated your choices didn't matter. I really don't care about his sob story about a heart disease, I played better, get over it. I like how going to college came with a name change to College Player, pretty cool. Oh and the gameplay. Getting stuck on rookie is indeed boring. I had to sim games after the first quarter, just playing on offense, because otherwise the game would never end. And I really don't know if it is a glitch, however, one game forced me to perform the entire game. I literally just tried to run around the field to kill clock. I didn't even get the control on defense. It just auto played. Game finished 100-0. It played with itself. Rookie mode is brain dead mode. Oh and also the heavily promoted combine? It's just the 40 plus a pitching drill. Along with the 40 is just 3 quick time switches, which don't affect anything as long as you hit them.

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