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In its original form, special relativity is based on just two postulates (or assumptions); namely, that the speed of light (in a vacuum) is constant no matter who measures it, or when, or where and that the laws of physics are the same for in all inertial frames of reference (basically, for all observers who are not accelerating) there are other, logically consistent, ways to construct SR, from different postulates, but they are equivalent to Einstein's original.

Cliffy lives for videogames. Time spent on the Nintendo Entertainment System, playing with Mario and Donkey Kong, are some of his fondest childhood memories. His preteen years were spent on the PC with Doom and Quake, and then SimCity and the Ultima series. By the time he was a teenager, he was making games of his own on a souped up PC in his bedroom. Cliffy has never had any formal game design training until recently the very idea of formal training in game design would have been considered absurd. Nevertheless, Cliffy's been making games professionally since he was seventeen years old. After sending one of his games in a Ziploc bag to a publisher in California, Cliffy found himself a professional game designer before he had even graduated high school.

As mentioned in the current Baby Beats, Nimoy will be narrating Prokofievs Peter the Wolf at 2 this afternoon at DeAnza College Flint Center and at 1 and 4 tomorrow afternoon at Davies Symphony Hall in San Francisco with the San Francisco Symphony . I caught him Thursday morning at his hotel in San Francisco and had a brief phone conversation with the actor photographer vocalist director best known for portraying now Admiral Spock in the original Star Trek series and subsequent feature films. As Trekkies everywhere know by now, the actors most famous as Kirk and Sulu have been feuding for ages, most recently after the Shat man accused Takei of not inviting him to Takei September wedding to Brad Altman. Takei says Shatner was invited; Shatner says he didn receive the invitation. In his latest online video screed, Shatner says: has been mean to me for a long time I mean, decades and decades. Ouch! You don need a Vulcan mind meld to know that Takei had better watch his back if he does decide to beam into such hostile TV territory. Set phasers on kill.

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