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There is a technique used in film, or any wow classic gold for sale story at that, called Chekhov gun. It states that if a gun is fired in one act, then in the following act it will be fired. In laymen term, everything serves a purpose. When used wisely, it is entirely practical. But when it is so obviously used in almost every single scene during the hour of the film, it eliminates its effect.

To facilitate evaluation and reflection on my arts health practice, I brought my arts health practice into a novel dialogue methodologically with the action research case study approach of social science. I refer to this hybrid approach as 'critical arts health practice'. The empirical data of the study prompted exploration of the link between vitality and participatory arts activities.

Cloning, even if it was possible to buy, wont resurrect the dead. The clone would have the same DNA, and grow into the same body, but their mind wouldn have the same experiences, and so they would likely be a very different person in the end. You are the sum of nature + nurture, but you would only clone nature.

Mark Shriver, Professor of Anthropology and Genetics at Pennsylvania State University, and Peter Claes, from the University of Leuven in Belgium, have been working for four years on the genetics of facial features, meaning the relation between genetic sequences, facial traits and skin tones.They have enough data to be able to reconstruct a grandmother's DNA and an estimate of her face based on her grandchildren's genotype.Prof Shriver is confident that in two years the idea of seeing the faces of our great great grandfathers will no longer be science fiction.The BBC filmed as Prof Shriver tested the genes of volunteers at the New York Historical Society during the World Science Festival to see how genealogy, the second favourite hobby of Americans, is evolving.Produced by the BBC's Anna BressaninLiving Online is a series of video features published every Tuesday on the BBC News website which look at how technology converges with culture and all aspects of our daily lives.

Meanwhile, there are a lot of up and comers this year worthy of a shout out. Might some of them end up being the Skeet Ulrich or Fairuza Balk of 2016? Sure. But at least we're trying . The drama about the Nat Turner slave uprising won the two top awards at the festival and sold for a record setting $17.5 million to Fox Searchlight. The movie probably won't get a release until late in the year, when all the awards contenders hit theatres, but when it does, expect plenty of Oscar chatter.

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