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Agricultural damage complaints often come from wow classic gold farmers, Allaben said, particularly those who use silage pits. Silage, the ground up corn farmers let ferment in an outdoor pit to feed their pigs, is also tasty to turkeys; the birds are not shy about shredding the plastic covers farmers use to protect the silage from the air, either.

Consistent with the committee's discussion, the DNR also will reduce the limit of northern pike on Mille Lacs from 10 to five, with one fish longer than 30 inches allowed. Anglers may only keep a northern longer than 30 inches if they have caught two pike shorter than 30 inches and have both in immediate possession.

Shama Rangwala, a faculty lecturer of women and gender studies, entered Rocket Fizz briefly on Sunday afternoon when she noticed a vintage sign advertising Freeze hanging in the shop. A is a racist caricature of black children portrayed in pop culture from the mid 19th century throughout the Jim Crow era. caricature, added Rangwala. The KKK had a presence in Alberta until 2003 and many racist minstrel shows where white actors wore blackface were performed and celebrated in Edmonton, she noted. He said it didn raise any red flags because store employees did not know what it meant, and Kirkwood himself says he did not know the sign was in his store.

Then I take on a level 60 semi elitish thing like a scorpion without the curvy tail they usually have. I could have beat him, but my controls froze up. As these things go, the monster could still attack. Then I was dead, but everything was frozen and I couldn even get out of the game.

The Phoenix mission has had an outstanding record of transparency and communicating its science into the public domain. So, one can understand the frustration mission scientists felt when "outrageous" stories (according to Peter Smith, Phoenix principal investigator) were circulated by Aviation Week alleging secrecy about Phoenix findings, strongly indicating that something huge had been discovered and the White House had to be notified. "We want to set the record straightwe're not with holding anything" NASA spokesman Dwayne Brown declared at the special press briefing today. The Phoenix team went on to say that the sketchy details in the Aviation Week article led to the huge amount of "speculation" that was thrown around in follow up stories.

Aaron Merriman drives to harness racing history with 1,000 wins and drives and drives . . . Aaron Merriman drives to harness racing history with 1,000 wins and drives and drives . . . Driving almost daily between The Meadows near Pittsburgh and Northfield Park, Aaron Merriman has become the first driver in harness history to twice win 1,000 races in a calendar year

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